computer expert come in please

my computer has lots of tracking cookies

how could i get rid of it forever?

my computer is so slow, and i don't know where i can download a anti virus software for free?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I only know how to get rid of the history and cookies using Internet Explorer, Here it goes, 1.) Right Click on Internet Explorer; 2.) Click Properties; 3.) Look for Browsing History which talks about Storing History URL, Internet Temporary Files, etc.; 4.) Click on Clear to Clear the Folder and Data;

    A word of warning, you should save your complex URL in My Favorite, after doing the above the computer will not automatic give you the link while you type in half or some part of your URL.

    I recommand Karpersky (correct me if I spell the name wrong), it is the best Anti-Virus around, it should cure your computer. Although it is not free, it gives you around 3 years licence.

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