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各位可不可以給我舞出真我(Step Up)的詳盡內容啊,要英文!!!急用!!!



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    Everyone deserves a chance to follow their dreams, but some people only get one shot. Tyler Gage is a rebel from the wrong side of Baltimore¹s tracks ­ and the only thing that stands between him and an unfulfilled life are his dreams of one day making it out of there. Nora is a privileged ballet dancer attending Baltimore¹s ultra-elite Maryland School of the Arts -- and the only thing standing in the way of her obviously brilliant future is finding a great dance partner for her senior showcase. When trouble with the law lands Tyler with a community service gig at Maryland School of the Arts, he arrives as an angry outsider, until his skills as a gifted street dancer draw Nora¹s attention. Now, as sparks fly between them, both on and off stage, Tyler realizes he has just one performance to prove that he can step up to a life far larger than he ever imagined.

    In my opinion, despite being a movie targeted for teenager movie goers, it does have a deeper meaning behind it, from social problems that teenagers faced, such as Tyler face with his adopted father, to Taylor's best friend and his younger brother, which facing more social aspect, such as violent on the street, stereotype occurring on and off the street. Even Nora's family situation, despite being upper middle social class, pressure of a teenager can still occur in all social level.

    In summary, despite it's corky setting, step up does have its own social implication, and allow viewers to take a look at situation occurring day to day life of a teenager, from alcohol abuse to street violence to other social aspect in society today, especially the life and culture in North America, where social class, rich and poor is well divided in major cities. Step up does have a more meaningful side to it, then another low budget, teenage movie.

    希望d 資料幫到你啦~ =)

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