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Is there no corruption in the Philippines!?

Is there no corruption in the Philippines because it is banned/forbidden by law!

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    I guess the better question is - HOW MUCH CORRUPTION IS THERE IN THE PHILIPPINES?

    The Philippines sad to say is one of the most corrupt countries in the whole world. I don not wish to say that about my homeland but that's the truth of the matter. Every president gets involved in a series of scams:

    Pres. Ramos - the Expo Filipino scam, PEA-Amari scam,

    Pres. Estrada - the Jose Velarde account, the Boracay mansion account, Jueteng scandal, tobacco excise tax scam

    Pres. Arroyo - the fertilizer scam, the Jose Pidal account, the ZTE Deal, the Hello Garci scandal... and the list continues until now

    Just imagine that if the chief executives of the Philippines have the balls to do corrupt acts, then the bureaucrats under them most likely will not hesitate otherwise.

    As a matter of fact, in the Phil., corruption has already become synonymous with custom. You beat the red light, you can pay most traffic police officer so you wont be issued a ticket; you pay employees at the LTO for faster transaction; you pay the Customs for lesser tariffs and taxes. In short, you can bribe just about anyone!


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    All criminal acts are banned not just in the Philippines, but all over the world. If outlawing/banning something prevents that thing from happening, it will be a perfect world.

    But crime is everywhere, and so is corruption. And even pedophilia (your other question). So please stop asking whether or not something is not present simply because it is banned. The answer is a big NO.

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    corruption in the Philippines is a thing in the past. The law forbids it. Just show me if there are ongoing corruptions in public offices during holidays and weekends and I'll gladly treat you in starbucks.

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    Apparently there is even if there's law and there's PCGG (Phil. Commission on Good Governance). Just look at the ZTE scandal, fertilizer scam and other scams involving the government, the "kotong" cops, the bribed Customs officials/employees, etc. Some of them even being exposed in programs like XXX and Imbestigador. Apparently, some government officials/lawmakers are firsts not to abide by the law and they always have a way out of it.

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    We have loads of laws in the Philippines.

    And barely any of them are observed.

    There's tons of corruption in the Philippines and it's well-documented. It's almost a way of life here.

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    Hhahha.. are you kidding me? There is law but they're not even scared of it. Corruption is everywhere and in Philippines corruption is very worst in our country, like politics, they're just thinking of how soon their pocket be full before they can leave then another new person come or replace but still thinking same making their pocket full and leave.


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    Again, who says there isn't corruption in the country? In fact, our country is the most corrupt in all Asia. Enact laws, even implement them, there will always be corruption because those who promulgate the laws are the first to commit the act.

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    Law makers

    Law enforcers

    and the People

    are corrupted. They do not care as long as they live and survive.

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    Corruption? Is anywhere my friend this is a very common problem even in a small office or establishment.

    The transparency of the Philippine gov’t. is too high so that is why plenty of anomaly or corruptions were seen because of Democratic form gov’t. (Free to show their feeling) but compare to other country the people can’t say anything against their gov’t. because of terrible punishment to anybody who try to question to the governing bodies.

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    Yeah right... no corruption here in the Philippines... how I wish...

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