Do you find the confederate flag offensive?

I am a 19 year old white American and I do find the confederate flag offensive. I know it stands for the old south and the civil war and all that jazz but it also stands for more it stands for hate and racism. You can argue in anyway that it is not offensive but how can something so controversial not be offensive. All I have to say is go to this link its the official store of the kkk. I know thats not what the confederate flag stands for but it is what it stands for now. Anyways just wanted to know peoples crazy views on this subject.


to responsed to a answer made. I know it is not just about racism but if something is going to offend alot of people why would anyone hang it in there front yard. Just to be a hard head and say I have freedom of speech. I just don't understand because the symbol is linked to racism in a major way like it or not.

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    I find it offensive, although I know decent, kind people who defend it as representing their history, etc. White people that is. But as long as whole groups of people (African-Americans and their allies against racism) find it offensive -- because it represents the defense and perpetration of slavery -- then it IS offensive. It may not even be INTENDED to offend, but it DOES - so it IS!

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    I'm an african american who has grown up in the North all of my life. I am not offended by the Confederate Flag because thanks to my education in college and my degree in Political Science, I know what it truly represents. That flag represents a way of life that once was in the South and the history of the people who lived there. No, not all history is good or positive, and YES slavery was a horrible part of that lifestyle years ago. But remember the South's economic survival relied heavily on the production of cotton and slavery was a huge part of that process. It is sad that people use this part of our American History to terroize people and strike fear in others hearts, that was not the orignal meaning of that flag. This country was founded with the idea of allowing people to live free as long as they aren't imposing on anyone elses freedom or liberty. Unfortunately some people use that flag to do so. That was not it's original purpose. So, no I am not offended as long as the owner of the Confederate Flag knows the true history and meaning of the flag = The representation of a way of life for people years ago, which is all of our history. Black/White or any other race...

  • Myself, being a white midwesterner as well as having parents that are southerners it really didn't mean anything to me. I never saw one but, in the southern states. So, I always thought it was a civil war thing and it had to do with (north vs. south). It means different things to different people so, you'll hear a lot of different views. So, I guess I'd say no it doesn't offend me though from what I've heard I can understand why it would be offensive towards others.

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    I'm sorry. It stands for much more than just racism. The rebellion was not JUST about slavery. That's a myth. The pro-slavery position just happened to be a prominent position of theirs (which is bad and which I why I don't support the Confederacy). But the rebellion was about escaping the tyranny of the north.

    no im not offended. I support those who wave the flag because it reminds me of the Revolutionary war.

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    The "Stars And Bars" has dubious significance.

    There is a benefit to seeing it displayed. People need the reminder. When there is the need to display, it signifies that someone is making an explicit or implicit statement.

    Southern elite descendants of antebellum wealth romantically wax nostalgic of yesteryear. The culture of wealth borne of slave labor intensive agrarian trade is an interesting element of American History.

    Prosperous plantations took care to maintain a quality of life for slaves to maximize production. In some instances American plantation slaves had a better quality of life than European serfs.

    Subsequent to the Civil War emancipation of slaves presents political challenges to the status quo. Heretofore cargo chattel slaves are now eligible voters with polical pluralities in labor intensive precincts.

    Coincidental to reconstruction, European elite are contending with disaffected poor. Political elite in the United States find European immigrants the democratic tool to offset economic and social interests of emancipated slaves. Mass European immigration is facilitated by large ocean liners built especially to maximize steerage passengers. Most immigrants arrive in their new country with little more than hope, what they are able to carry, and what they are wearing.

    Subsequent to arrival immigrants learn that their survival requires the displacement of emancipated slaves. One documented incident 1898 Race Riot Wilmington, NC, is credited with the initial enactment of Jim Crow Laws.

    Other incidents 1921 Tulsa Race War, and 1923 Massacre Rosewood, FL characterize the nature of race relations.

    Immigrants begin an inter generational identification with the confederate flag to elevate their status to that of the wealthy antebellum plantation owner.

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    i think its more how people percieve the flag..for instance i had this friend who would take his confederacy flag and walk down the street with it in front of his black neighbors(he was racist) so his intention was meant to be negative, in that case yes i do find it offensive but me looking at no i dont find it offensive...

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    Yes i do mostly because the fact that most people showing them are saying yeah thoose were the good old days. it represents a bad part in the history of black people and brings up bad thoughts from the past.

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    let the boys have there flag it's been around for over 100 years before people started getting winy about it let it be it's not hurting anyone physically

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    I agree with you. It's also why i can't stand the Georgia state flag

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    I find it offensive... I think they should take everyone of them and make hank williams jr. eat them all.

    I live in Kentucky I see one at least everyday and there is usually a type of undesirable person sporting it.

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