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Air Condtioner Unit Works, Cold Air Not Coming From Vents?

Recently my house started to feel warm when I had the air on. I went out side ot make sure that there my AC Unit was running, it was. I went down stairs and noticed ice on the pipe leading outside to the AC Unit. So, I changed the filter, replaced the insulation around the pipes. When I turn on the AC, the unit works outside but I don't think the blower indoors is coming on because no refreshing cold air is coming out of my vents. However, when I turn on the furnace and crank the heat the blower comes on and nice warm air comes out of the vents like it is supposed to. So, I guess what I am asking here is, can anyone give me any advice on what to do?


Turn on the furnace (heat) the fan comes on and heats the house.

Turn on the air condtioner and I don't hear the fan and the cold air does not come out of the vents.

The pipes we start to freeze because of this.

When I switch the fan to On or Auto it still does not come on. The only time it does come on is when I turn the heat on.

It has worked for the past month just fine, I recently replaced the motor 6 months ago.

Outside Unit fan works, free on debris.

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    Likely bad fan relay if the blower is not coming on in cool but does in heat.

    "Might" be a bad high speed motor tap but that is not common.

    Usually the speed relay (high-cool / med-heat). It is probably built on to the board for the furnace. Then you need a new board.

    We know the tstat is working and you have your low voltage and no safeties are tripped because the condenser unit is coming on.

    Good Luck.

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    The furnace and indoor AC air condensing unit aren't any further an similar element. The air coming by your vents it really is continuously going to sense freezing chilly. in case you thermostat is being maintained at 70 then there would no longer be a project. in case you sense your *are* having AC problems then get a second opinion.

  • Anonymous
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    You need the coils cleaned and maintanence is all. Call a service tech.

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    just give it a few kicks, and when it starts working start clapping.

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