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Who, of the current MLB first place teams, won't make the playoffs this year?

White Soxs, Rays, Angels, Cubs, Phillies, Diamondbacks

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    White Sox.

    The Sox can not score runs without home runs. (44% of runs this season on Homers i believe) The pitching is going to give up 3 or 4 runs, but not any run support. The Twins are catching up to the Sox, so the Sox will not be in the lead much longer

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    I'm going to have to say the White Sox. And not just because i'm a Cubs fan. The Twins and the Tigers are heating up and I don't think the White Sox could compete in a race between those two teams.

    The Rays also won't make the play off's. Not with Boston and the Yankees still in contention.

    The Diamondbacks won't win their division because the Rockies and the Dodgers are due to heat up. And once they do, the Diamondbacks are done.

    Okay now, the Cubs. Their questionable about winning the division, but the Wildcard is there for a safty net.

  • The Diamondbacks,I have a feeling that their slide will continue,they haven't showed any life in a while.If they let the Dodgers lead the division,they aren't taking the wildcard.The White Sox may be one dimensional, but I think they can hold off the Twins and the Tigers long enough to win the Central even if they give up the lead at one point to the Twins.The Rays are a great team with no signs of slowing down so anything can happen in that division.

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    White Sox

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    I will say the Rays & Phillies & Cubs in 08, Tigers are playing hot, but their record against division opponents is only better than the Royals. Head to head, Tigers have lost more than they won against the other teams in AL Central, so until they actually take over first, then maybe but not until & I say White Sox down the stretch beat out the Tigers & rest of division

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    Diamondbacks, that division may be horrible but this team should technically be walking away with it after the hot start they got and considering how much everyone else has struggled.

    I see them choking down the stretch and getting surpassed by a team that gets hot in September like the Rockies did last season.

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    Diamondbacks. They are in the lead of the NL West but are just AT 500. They've really struggled as of late but only kept first place because the reast of the NL West has been so weak. I anticipate them being taken over and finishing 2nd or 3rd.

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    D'Backs they are too young. started out with the best record in April. Ace Brandon Webb has gone 3-2 since going 9-0. Team batting average is dropping, Reynolds, Jackson cooling off, Byrnes is hurt.


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    either white sox or the rays

    i think the rays will slow down soon right when the red sox heat up

    i am rooting for the rays, but just dont think theyll be able to pull it out

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    I think that ultimately the Sox will overcome the Rays. It is possible that they will get the wild card, though. I think Detroit is the team to beat there.

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