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How wide is a horse? aka gate size.?

I was trying to figure out the avarage width of a quarter horse because I am looking at my old barn that i am renavating for a one- horse stall and I need to know how wide i need to make the gate or how wide i need to widden the present gate

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    I typically use 48 inch gates to my stalls. That way horses that are timid about narrow spaces (aka new horses) are still willing to go through.

    So yeah like others said 4 feet (48 inches).

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    Although your horse could probably squeeze through a 2 foot opening, the standard stall door size is 4 feet. You need to allow some extra room. For a pasture gate, you should go to at least 10 feet to let in tractors, trucks, etc.

    Source(s): My stall doors are 4', field gates are 12-16'. Backyard gates are 5', which just allows the medium sized tractor to get in.
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    For safety, it's not how wide the horse is. It's how wide the horse AND YOU are! There'll be times you have to go through together.

    For stalls, three feet minimum; closer to four if at all possible!

    For fence gates, Make it wide enough to get mowing equipment in and out easily. For me, that's 10-12 feet. I'd suggest at least that, as you may need to get other equipment in or out too, even if it's a contractor doing something.

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    Most horse gates average between 3-6 ft. The safest is more than three because it gives the horse room to move but if it's a pasture it's hard to tell especially if there are other horses. I recommend a 4 ft gate.

    Source(s): Trainer
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    I can fit my mare through a 32 inch gate, but she just about fits. For safety, I would go with at least a 4 foot wide gate. Enough to go through and a bit extra in case he gets a bit spooky.

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    ours are 4'

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    3 foot gate. That what I we use and all whe have are Quarter Horses.

    Wow! Trolls on me maybe. I use a 3 foot gate on all my stalls and all I have are QH. How does that get a tumb down?


    I would love a 4' but hey when you have to build it yourself with limited funds sometimes you have make sacrafices.

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    we have five 4 foots and three 5 foots, (we put the bigger horses or foaling mares in those. 4 foot is about average

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    Mine are 4 feet minimum...that's for gates or doorways.

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