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ventriloquist figure?

hi i need a ventriloquist figure for $80 or under if anyone has a site please tell me and dont say ebay or throwthings thank you.

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    They're in the shopping aisle right next to the $1 a gallon gasoline and the $25 Mercedes Benz.

    (IOW, you can't get one for that price. Stop asking)

    Here's what I posted in another one of your questions:

    I would personally recommend Kem Poyner at

    His figures are inexpensive ($1030 for a basic figure, $125 for closing eyes, and $45 for raising eyebrows) and he has always had a great reputation of customer service. He stands behind his product 100%.

    Conrad Hartz is becoming a legendary figure maker. I just looked at his web site and saw his figures start at $1250. That's quite a bargin for a handcarved basswood figure made by him. It will likely end up being similar to having a legendary figure. "I have a Marshall" is something you might hear vents say. I can picture them saying, "I have a Hartz" some day. If you're looking for a reasonably priced figure that might become a classic, Conrad is a good option. Here's his web site:

    Tim Selberg's figures are fantastic:

    He has easy controls, which are among the smoothest I have seen. His figures are full of personality. He offers many options. I must warn you, though, his turn around time is one of the most discussed aspects of his figures. He might say you can get a figure in 6 months and end up taking a few years. Your best bet for a Selberg is to wait until one is on ebay. (I said not to mention ebay, but there it is in a different context than just "check ebay.")

    Tim Cowels took over the Maher studios in 2006, which was the leading supplier for professional ventriloquist puppets. (Clinton Detweiller was the former owner). His site can be found at:

    I wrote this assuming you want a:

    1) Professional Figure

    2) Hard puppet that you traditionally think of with ventriloquists.

    So I left out a lot of the stuff like where you can get a figure for about $100. Hope this helps!

    There are many others, but those are probably the top 4 figure makers I would recommend, with the exception of Selberg's turn out time.

    Last option is to visit the Vent Haven Ventriloquist Convention in July in Ft. Mitchell, KY. Sometimes people sell used figures there and it's a great place to snatch up a really nice figure for under $1000.


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