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Anybody have Sid Meier's "Railroads" for PC and find that it sucks.?

I have most recently purcheasd a computer with 8 Gigs of RAM, a Geforce 8800 (with 768 MB of RAM...nearly the highest offered on the market)...the Intel QUAD core processor....

and the damn thing still crashes before I can make it througha single level...

Yes, I have all the patches....what a piece of crap.


Well, the computer has FIVE fans....which certainly makes for harder hearing while I'm on the damn thing........but yes, it is possible that heat may be a problem and I had not considered it. I suppsoe now I'll have to figur out how to read the temp of the processor......I'll try sticking a thermometer on the thing.

Update 2:

Oh, another thing I might consider is that my computer has "DX10"........and that has caused all types of problems for others...(too many glitches).

Thankfully, games like "CRYSIS" allow me the option of playing in "DX9"....for when I try it in DX10, that crashes as well.

Update 3:

Well, I'm not sure the DX10 is responsible, but it is a possibility I should now consider as well.

This system has Vista....and yes, that sucks also......too many glitches.....and I get NO error messages... for all vista does, is it tells me the game has shut down and Microcrap will search for a solution....the only solution they have sent me is the patches I installed long ago....nothing but crap.

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    The problem is that the game is hard coded to only see 2 GB of RAM. Since a Vista baseline is going to be around 500-700 MB, this leaves around 1 to 1.5 GB of RAM left. The game addresses all of the RAM and then runs out of space, even though you have several GB of RAM free, and crashes.

    The good news is, you can patch the game to address up to 3 GB in Vista 32 bit and 4 GB in Vista 64 bit. Directions can be found at the link in my source list or by searching something like "Railroads Vista crash fix."

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    you might not have enough cooling. and you're going to need as much as you can. a massive case like the thermaltake armor or the coolermaster cosmos may seem frivolous for most people, but those components are going to kick out a ton of heat, you're going to need a big enclosure (I MEAN A HUGE *** FULL TOWER WITH A 6 FANS) and good CPU cooler. Id get a zalman 9700 or a thermaltake v-1. the coolermaster sphere is also a good choice. and DONT OVERCLOCK YOUR RIG WITH STOCK COOLING. BUT IF IT IS BRAND NEW, THEN YOU MIGHT WANT TO RETURN IT. SERIOUSLY, RETURN WHILE IT'S STILL UNDER RETURN POLICY, OTHERWISE YOU COULD VERY WELL BE STUCK WITH A USELESS DEFECTIVE RIG. RETURN IT AND GET A NEW ONE. BUT BEFORE THAT TRY STRESS TESTING IT, AND RUNNING AS MANY DIAGNOSTICS AS YOU CAN. and also make sure your fans are cranked up as high as they will go. if it's too noisy for you, then too bad. what do you care more about? being able to use your computer without it dying? or a slightly annoying noise? and also write down the error code (it should look something 00000000000000x001h, but there are a ton of different kinds of them) and then look it up in microsoft's database. NOTE THIS CODE WILL APPEAR WHEN A BLUE SCREEN POPS UP, SO BEFORE IT RESTARTS AFTER FINISHING THE MEMORY DUMP, WRITE THE CODE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ************************************** one way you can gauge the CPU temp is by looking at it in the BIOS, just don't change anything, and if you do, then don't save it. and sticking a thermometer in there could do more harm than good.

    Source(s): ok then, if directx10 crashes the thing, then return it. chances are they screwed up the install. but if it's XP.....then there's the problem. XP is much better than vista, except it doesn't support dx10, which is the only reason I even give a damn about vista in the first place. you can't run driectx10 on XP either. but if its vista then return the computer and get it from another place. they may have screwed up the installation, or even installed a fake version of windows. AND ONE OTHER PROBLEM THAT COULD HAVE CAUSED THIS is the possibility of the the builders not taking any precautions against static (WHICH CAN NUKE OR DAMAGE COMPONENTS, CAUSING THESE SORTS OF PROBLEMS, EVEN IF THEY WERE'NT AWARE OF THE SHOCK, NOW I KNOW THIS BECAUSE I SCREWED UP A BRAND NEW GAMING RIG THIS WAY). and sometimes motherboard can become pretty finicky with 4 DIMMs installed onto it, and one of the sticks might be bad. and as I said earlier, run some diagnostics. *and also, the 8800GTX is by no means a bad card, but it's not the best either. the best you could possibly get would be the geforce GTX 280 (confusing, I know, but wouldn't going into the 10,000 have been even more confusing?) and also get a good CPU cooler like the zalman 9700, it's quieter than stock, and much more effective. and another thing that could CPU overheating is having the CPU cooler installed with too little or too much thermal paste, or even worse, none at all.
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    Are you getting any error codes? I am running the game just fine and my hardware is no where near what you have running. Sounds to me like you could be running your processor to hot and thats whats causing the issue. what temp is your system running? Do you have proper fans and air flow? Blow out the dust inside? Get a new/better heatsink fan.

    Doesn't sound game related, and you are above the minimum on everything, so something wrong with your hardware.

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