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Which NFC North Quarterback is Under the Most Pressure?

First off we have

Aaron Rodgers - Aaron is taking over for the legendary Brett Favre. He has been handed a talented team that went far last year, and if things don't go well, he will most likely be under fire from fans.

Tavaris Jackson - After one year of starting, he manged to put up decent numbers for a young kid out of Div ! -AA. After a near playoff miss, the vikings went around the league and shopped for the missing pieces. Now some are stating the vikings big hole to get them over the bump, is the quarterback situation.

Rex Grossman - Rex went from getting to the super bowl to a bears team that's running out of decent offensive players. Both his two top receivers are gone and their running back is gone, leaving the Bears offense up to Rex.

Jon Kitna - Jon is supposedly the best out of the NFC North for now at least and has the experience. While he may never be an all pro quarterback, with the right talent he could do pretty good. He has some good receivers, but unless he step


s up and plays like a great quarterback, the lions most likely won't go anywhere soon with their defense.

So....who is it?

Update 2:

I know Grossman wasn't the reason the Bears made it to the super bowl, but IMO he's the reason they haven't gotten very close to going back.

Update 3:

Uknowwhatitis...did you watch the games that Adrian Peterson was hurt for? The vikings won both, including a huge beating on the super bowl champion New York giants...that's not that bad.

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    Theirs a tie between Jackson and Rodgers. The only reason Rodgers shouldn't really deserve it is because of Favre. But the rest of the team is pretty good and should still be on the rise. Jackson because of his last season's performance. Yes he did well but towards the end when the team needed to pull together and win. Jackson freaked. He lost it plus he made a favorite out of Rice. When he was taken away Peterson/Chester Taylor were needed to rise above the rest.

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    When it comes to straight pressure, it has to be Rodgers. I mean, taking the place of Favre is a role any QB in the league would find difficult. He's lucky that he has the talent around him to make the transition a little easier.

    Tarvaris could be under some pressure, but the Vikings will rely almost entirely on their running game. They'll need him to step up though if they fall behind, and he has to be able to move the ball.

    I really don't think Rex had much to do with the bears getting to the Super Bowl. That was basically the defense. I think the most pressure he'll face is trying to keep his spot on the depth chart and not being cut.

    Jon Kitna just needs to stop being sacked. He needs to stop holding onto it for so long. He has good, young receivers around him, and I think he'll have the least pressure on him when the season comes around.

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    The pressure is on Rodgers. How do you follow Brett Favre?!?! The kid has barely played for the past couple years and now he has to take over after one of the most dependable and dynamic quarterbacks of all time. That's a difficult task. Plus, he's been taught by Favre for two if he doesn't perform well, it won't look good for his learning ability.

    Can't say Grossman because of your reasoning. Even when the Bears made it to the Super Bowl, everyone knew it was because of their defense, not Grossman.

    Kitna is as good as he'll ever be and everyone knows it. Nothing more is expected of him.

    Jackson is still young and is working his way up. The pressure isn't on him nearly as hard.

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    Aaron rodgers has such a big role to step into. hes filling in for a hall of fame QB. he has the best team overall in the north but there success will depend on how he performs. Kitna is the best QB in the north but he doesnt have a team so he doesnt even matter. Grossman is a lost cause. he cant seem to get the job done and everyone is done with him. Tavaris Jacksons job is to give the ball to Petterson. when Petterson was hurt the Vikings looked aweful so for the Vikings the pressure is all on Petterson. GOOD LUCK RODGERS!

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    rex grossman has the most pressure because this is his last year to prove he can be a starting QB in this league, one more bad year and no team including the bears will want him as a starting QB

    aaron rodgers has the second most pressure because there hasnt been a different starting QB in the packers organization since 1996

    tavaris jackson has the third most pressure because his job is in jepordy with jon david booty behind him. if the vikings start the season bad like 1-4 look for tavaris to be benched

    jon kitna's career is almost done, he has good receivers (roy williams, mike furrey, shaun mcdonald, and calvin johnson) and all he has to do is thow it up for one of them to catch (because they r not gonna run the ball that much with a rookie RB)

  • Definitely it's Aaron Rodgers. Taking over for Brett Favre is a task nobody envies. But I think the Packers will still be in great shape. As a Dallas fan, Rodgers proved to me he could play last November.

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    I say Tavaris Jackson. The Vikings KNOW they have a very talented team. Therefore, it's all on Jackson's shoulders to pay the dividends. As they say, "You're only as strong as your weakest link", which happens to be Jackson. He has to step up or step out, because they haveGus Frerotte and John David Booty waiting in the wings.

    Forget Aaron Rodgers, Tavaris has had a longer time to develop because Aaron has been riding the bench.

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    I'm going to say Rex grossman because he is like a roller coaster first the super bowl than down to a last place team

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    Rodgers. Replacing one of the greatest QB's of all time, and the most loved sports figure in Wisconsin history isn't going to be easy. If the Pack doesn't make the playoffs Rodgers will be under a lot of scrutiny.

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    Every year all you hear is how good Jon Kitna is. And then his team finishes under .500 and goes home early. Criticize Grossman all you want, but he has won something. Kitna is a loser no matter where he goes.

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