what birth defects can an unborn child have is the mother smokes a half a pack a day?

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    per The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, smoking doesn't cause birth defects, the medical report is here http://www.greenjournal.org/cgi/content/abstract/1...

    Smoking can cause low birth weight and premature birth. Smoking mothers also have a higher than average chance of still birth or having an infant die from sids)

    none of these birth defects, only consequences of smoke inhalation

  • Smoked a pack a day with my first one and no birth defects He was 7lbs 6 oz 191/2 inches long. Today he is 11 years old and nearly as tall as me.

    Pregnant with my second due Nov 23 and having been able to quit yet. I am down to 1/2 a pack a day though.

    Friend of mine had three two non-smoking babies each over nine pounds and one smoking baby who wieghed six lbs.

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    I am a Certified Medical Assistant

    Low Birth Weight, Under Developed Lungs, Limbs and other Organs, SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Asthma, Emphysema

    Do you want me to go on???

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    higher chances of asthma and respiratory problems. and a low birth weight. sometimes serious, butttt.. not too often. and if you're worried about it, and want to quit, talk to your doctor first. it's really bad on the baby to just decide to quit and take all the nicotine from the body at once.

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    low birth weight...not sure about defects, but if born prematurely they aren't fully developed and too early they may not survive!

    Source(s): #3 baby girl due aug28
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    my friends smoked the whole time during her pregnancy and her son was a still born

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    could have lung problems, could have heart problems and your baby could have asthma, other breathing problems. if you have the chance to quiet now please do it if not for you then the baby you are having

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    ummm lets c the baby could come out dsformed or even die!!

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