how can i get some investors to start a soical networking website?

My brothers & I came up with an great idea to open a new social-networking company. The website would be an innovative online community networks that help you to find quality people, who are keen to know about you, as much as you do. The community network connects like-minded people, sharing their common interests and backgrounds. You would like to join groups, where you can find the immediate relevance to their lives and interests. The success of the sites, such as, MySpace, Myyearbook and Tagged has been overwhelming.

we are looking for Funding to start a

social-networking company, Funding Stage Seed is to Build the site, our staff &Team , etc. our Business Plan Status is finished and ready.

Anthropologists opinion that, humans can only keep stable relationships with no more than 150 people. But in this digital world, information flows at the speed of your imagination. The social networking software

tools available today has brought the people closer.

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    You may want to go and pitch your ideas where investors gather.

    Here are some places where angel investors come and those looking for funding can come and pitch their business plans. Be sure to have a strong business plan and describe what makes your business idea stand apart:

    Angel Capital Association

    Angel's Forum

    Band of Angels

    Common Angels

    Keiretsu Forum

    Launchpad Venture Group

    New World Angels

    New York Angels

    Robin Hood Ventures (charges $250)

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  • 4 years ago

    Probably not because your competition would be with MySpace and Facebook,or bebo which are free services that offer a lot of good features. You would have to have some amazing feature on your social network site that would attract people and make them WANT to pay a membership charge. The way that the free networking sites make money is from advertisements, so if your site ever got popular then you would start to make an income from it. ~good luck~

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    1 decade ago


    There are enough of these places. There are almost 2000. No more.

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