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What do African Clawed frogs eat?

Currently my ACF (African Clawed Frog) is on a pellet diet from

These pellets can get to be quite expensive, so what other things could I feed him? What about bloodworms or crickets (from Petsmart)?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

NOTE: Please don't get this mixed up with the African DWARF frog.

Thanks again!! (-:

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    I had a set of three ACFs growing up and they were trained to Reptomin sticks, which are balanced and cheap, and also some brine shrimp and home-bred feeder fish.

    Minnows are a favorite, and for a nickel a piece it's a good dinner.

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    I would go the bloodworm route.

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    you could try live daphnia,bloodworms or brine shrimp,and a few earthworms they would appreciate,now and then.

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    I would feed it any kind of worm,crickets,tubiflex and/or feeder fish

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