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portal PC?

is portal for PC a good game? how many levels does it have? is it worth the money? I want to buy it but I want to know more about it first.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    IMO, Portal is an amazing game. The levels and challenges are incredibly well-designed, and the voice-acting for GLADOS (the creepy robot) is full of dry humor that was implemented perfectly into the game. (the cake is a lie!!!!!!).

    As for length......let's just say that I forgot the exact number of levels, but I can still tell you that it's a really, REALLY short game. I'm not even gonna exagerate on how quickly the game ends.

    As for whether it's worth the money or not, it all depends on how much you care about game length, and how immersed you get by the idea of using portals to jump around everywhere.

    [if you have an NVIDIA graphics card, you can go to this link:

    and get a free Portal demo that contains the first few levels]

    [you can also go on youtube for gameplay vids if, or check out professional reviews by ign, gamespot, gamespy, etc.]

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