Is this true from a Jewish brother? Please watch?

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    1 decade ago
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    I am skeptical of that video.

    Chaim ben Pesach? that is a phenomenally odd name.

    even Judaism has extremists. looking up information on this "JTF" I find:

    >>"The Jewish Task Force (Hebrew: הימין האמיתי, HaYamin HaAmiti, lit. "The Real Right Wing") is a Kahanist organization[citation needed] in the United States that raises money for the claimed purpose of funding radical right-wing Jewish groups in Israel,[1] puts on television programs through local-access cable and runs a website with the stated goal of saving Israel, America, and The West.[1] JTF is run by the former national chairman of the Jewish Defense League, Victor Vancier, who is also commonly known as Chaim Ben Pesach, and previously as Chaim Ben Yosef."<<

    now I think "what the heck is Kahnist?" >click<

    >>"Kahanism is a term used in Israeli political parlance to refer, specifically, to the ideology of Rabbi Meir Kahane, and, more generally, to other right-wing Religious Zionist movements or groups that share a belief in the fundamental tenets of that ideology, chief among them being the idea that the State of Israel should be governed theocratically, should accord full citizenship exclusively to Jews, and that all gentiles should be either deported or allowed to remain as resident aliens with social and economic rights, but no right to vote, provided they accept Jewish religious law.[1]"<<

    and then further down:

    >>"Since 1985, the State of Israel has outlawed political parties espousing Kahane's ideology as being racist, and forbids their participating in the Israeli government."<<

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  • aaren
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    3 years ago

    i'm no longer Jewish, yet it truly is all genuine. Pakistan desires to dismantle their nuclear palms centers and stand down thoroughly. it truly is the purely thanks to shop India from being on alert.

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  • 1 decade ago

    if the U.S has the right to sell the Jewish terrorist state nukes so do Pakistan and Iran to whom ever they wish (DEMOCRACY)

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