RHH REGS MEN >>>>id rather ask ya'll......?

i know this has absolutly nothing to do with this section BUT i value your (the regs) opinions and insight...so heres my question....

why is it when a man breaks up with you or tells u he doesnt want to be in a relationship right now (was a 2 yr relastionship and couldnt get along twords the end due to him cheating ect so we started arguing alot).......but tells u he doesnt want u to move on and date any1 else but he feels its ok for himself to "date" or mess with other females??? he also wants u all to basically still be 2gether but without the title...??? why do men do this?? what does it mean?? maybe some of u can shed some light on this confusing thought process of some men.......

rhh question: what is your favorite tribe called quest song and why???


yes chuck i agree ALL men are not the same and thats why i said SOME n my question but at the same time even if all men are not the same a man will understand a mans way of thinking more than a women even if he does not do the same things as the man im questioning about... LOL

Update 2:

davinci my brother~ it is agreed i am not wasting my time sitting around "waiting" on him, he is 29 and if he hasnt gotten it together by now he may never.....i jus wonder why he thinks that this is an acceptable thing to ask of me...cuz its mos def NOT and wont be happening cuz im gettin older and already spend 2 yrs of my life going through ups and more downs with him so its really not worth it we dont see eye to eye on what a relationship should intail.....

Update 3:

thanks bonnie... but hes not worth the time i jus let him be he has alotta growing up to do and unfort i ran into him b4 he did it.... im not really sad more mad at my self for not letting go earlier but ill b good and ill bouce back bcuz i know there are men out there that have the same morals and values that i do about relationships and one of them will appriciate me for the loyal person that i am.... ;-) so im not down about this situation....jus puzzled

Update 4:

pure... yeh well we live and learn and this is the 1st man i have been with that was like this so im not sad i jus take it for what it is.....and keep it movin

mr nr yes please with the bleach..... LMAO!!!

Update 5:

sag...u r correct...see he is the 1st man i had ever been through the cheating thing with and i gave him a 2nd chance based on his word (of course he said he wouldnt do it again but.....) all that said its a learning exsperiance i know what to do with his kind now and learned how to set aside my feelings to do what right for myself... im not weak i jus followed my heart against my better judgment and now i know thats not the thing to do...so yes i agree with your statement..... its sad that giving some ppl 2nd chances is taken for weakness but thats how it is looked upon and it wont happen any more ;-)

Update 6:

no name and fred~ very nicely put... and i agree with your points... completely

Update 7:

EDIT* im more so asking this question to get an understanding of this type of man and jus happen to b using my own situation as the basis..... i like to try to understand ppl and why they do the things that they do....and now i know what type of man to weed out based on my situation with this one....

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    1 decade ago
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    alright so i know a bunch of dudes just like this one.

    whats going on is that he still cares about you but at the same time he really wants to f0ck other chicks. while he should choose whether or not he's gonna be fully committed to you or not, he can't, hence the term commitment problems.

    its like whenever you see your girl with another man, it hurts a lot to see that. I think you may be leaving that door just a little bit too open so he doesn't understand that both of you need to move on. Maybe you dont want to move on. maybe he understands but doesnt want to move on. this is all speculation of course but bottom line, if what you want is to move on, then let him know directly. no point in being subtle.

    also he may feel like him being with other girls isnt the same because he still feels the same way about you. i hope that makes sense.

    lastly, he's just a playa. balliiiiinnnnnnnn!

  • Marcia
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    4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Been their and didn't stay. He's a dog and is only in it for himself. Your a smart woman and you'll do what's right for you. I like your mind set on this whole situation though. A lot of woman would be crying and would prolly stick around. Your strong and apparently not stupid enough to stay and get played over and over again. You did give him a 2nd chance when he cheated which isn't always bad because people can change. It's always a 50/50 chance of it happening again. I also have also been their. But good luck with the situation and I hope you find someone better. Alot better at that because he's an a$$ for even approaching you with that question. He must not know you, huh? Or he just thought he was that good for you. Smh. Good luck girl.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I know you asked for the men's opinions but I had to say something.

    He wants the goods from as many women as possible right now. And I hate to say this so bluntly but the reason he even came at you like that in the first place is because you gave him the ammunition..I say this because you were in a relationship for 2 years and he cheated on you, and you continued to stay there, so he feels like he can have you and have the other women too like he's been doing.

    He doesn't want a relationship and probably hasn't wanted one for a while, like quite a few people he just wants to do him right now. You are familiar to him, and like I said, you allowed him to do it when you were together so now he thinks you are weak enough or desperate enough to still "hook up" from time to time. He just wants to smash, period. It's up to you to cut the cord.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Peace Queen!

    Easy some men!

    Well a lot of us go through this phase of trying to hold on to good P****y and a lady we could see ourself with we just still want to play.

    I say go out and be free though.

    Don't let no man tell you not to do you.

    For if you really love something let it go if it comes back around then you know.

    Midnight & Electric Relaxation

  • 1 decade ago

    Hey Ya Ya...sorry about this situation.

    The reason is because people are greedy! He is basically asking you to be his steady girl and wait around for him while he goes out and tricks. basically, this just makes it "OK" for him to cheat on you since u are not officially together.

    I know ur not gonna wait around wasting ur own time with this clown. if this is the way he feels...let him go. the last thing u want is him catchin somethin while he's "doin him" and come back to u. Let a pig be a pig. U can do much betta :)


  • Sweetie, it sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to be out playing the field, but still have a commited girl there to give him that side of things as well

    I will gladly kick his *** for you if you want me too ;)

    You're gorgeous and intelligent, and deserve to be with someone who will appreciate that.

    But I know how hard it is to be sensible or logical when you love someone.

    (email me any time if you wanna talk honey)

    RHH - Verses from the Abstract. Don't know why, but it just makes me stop what I'm doing and turn it up.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's Men For You, When You Actually DO Date Someone Else, The Guy Gets VERY Jelous When He Sees You With Someone Else =/

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  • 1 decade ago

    dude sounds like my dad after my mom divorced his azz. its obvious he still got love for the girl but he doesnt want to give up his bad habit. cant have the cake and eat it too. gonna have to lose one either way. you cant have it both ways it jus not fair. fav tribe called quest track is "mind power (consequence remix)" waaaay better than the original i mean dont know what more i can tell you is jus a friggin good song.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    the only guys that do that r the assholes but ya most guys arent like that but the ones that r do it because they dont c a women as a partner they c her as a piece of property and they dont want anyone else using it (excuse the term it) but ya any guy thats like that isnt worth the time

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