travel tips for beginners?

I don't travel a lot and I'm going to Cuba is their anything i should know about traveling to Cuba or traveling in general?


I'm Canadian

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    First of all, how are you going to Cuba legally? I hope you're aware of the restrictions against Americans.

    Assuming you know what you're doing, then you also need to see what kind of shots you need. You better do that ASAP - sometimes you have to take a series of shots that take awhile, or with malaria pills you have to start two weeks before you leave. Do some research to find which medical centers near you specialize in travel inocculations, then call them and tell them which countries you are visiting - they'll tell you what you need.

    Make multiple COLOR copies of your passport along with a copy of your airline ticket or eticket itinerary (on the same page) and leave a few copies with your family or friends, and take a few with you (but store them in different, safe places - don't put them all with your passport, purse, or wallet). That way if you lose your passport or it gets stolen, you have a backup that will help you replace yours. The ticket or itinerary proves that you have a flight out - which many countries require to see before entering their country. Also take a few small, passport-sized photos with you - that helps the process if you have to replace your passport while in a foreign country.

    As far as packing, do some research on the weather, the country customs (do they expect you to dress nice, or are casual backpacker clothes ok?). Not every country is as casual in dress as North Americans. Be aware of the TSA guidelines for what you can or can't take on the plane, and check everything else. In your carry-on, you can't take any liquids or gels more than 3oz, and they all must fit in a single, quart-sized ziploc baggie; and no sharp objects.

    There's so much more, do your research on the country and keep asking questions. Good luck!

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    Here are some tips for international travel:

    1. Make sure you have an adapter for plugs if you are taking devices that need to be plugged in or charged

    2. Make sure you are up to date with vaccinations and have ways of getting fresh water (look into water purifying tablets) so that you do not get diseases/sicknesses from less developed countries

    3. Learn some of the language and culture before you go so that you are polite and do not stand out as a tourist

    4. Read

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    Here are some things you should know if you are traveling to Cuba:

    * Cuba accepts US dollar but they charge 10% of the amount so if you are going to bring some money, i suggest to bring other major currency (like Euro, Canadian dollar, Pounds etc.) than US dollar.

    * If you are going to change money, it's better to do it in the airport bcoz they have higher exchange rate than any other establishments.

    * DONT change money from local people on the street even they tell you that they have higher exchange rate - they have fake money.

    * They only accepts Western Union money transfer from US and Puerto Rico

    * There are 2 currency being used in Cuba - the currency used by tourist (CUC - Cuban Convertible) and the currency used by local people (Cuban Peso). One CUC is approximately equivalent to 24 Cuban peso. It is not permitted to change CUCs into local currency.

    * Credit cards drawn on US banks (including affinity cards for non-US organizations that are administered by US banks) are not accepted.

    * Learn some Spanish words if you can before traveling to Cuba since most of them cant understand English. But in some big hotels, you're not gonna have this problem bcoz most staffs there can understand English.

    * Tourist guys are not allowed to go with local girls. I think Cuba is strict with prostitutions that's why they have this law. There was a night when i was in Havana with my husband (Canadian), one of the police inspected me and asking for my passport bcoz he thought im a Cuban - im from Philippines but my height and color is similar to Cuban girls.

    * Keep your passport in a safe place. If you are hanging out at night, just bring a photo copy of your passport just in case they inspect you - dont bring the original passport coz someone might steal your passport or someone might pretend that he is a police and wanted to check your passport but he will just steal it and then he will ask you to pay more money to get your passport back. That will be a big trouble.

    * Cuba dont have big shopping malls.

    * Be alert. Avoid people who is trying to be friendly with you bcoz many of them are just trying to cheat you to get your money. We have experienced in Cuba when we were walking down the street there was a group of girls that having fun told us that they know a good place to hang out just across the street. One of the girl took us there. All people in that bar are locals. She ask us to get her the famous local drink and encourage us to order the same drink for us. We didnt try what she suggested bcoz i was not comfortable and afraid too. We did not even finish our drink coz i bug my husband to leave the place. When we get the bill, we were suprised bcoz the girls drink is very expensive! That drink normally only cost 2 CUC but when we get the bill, it cost 8 CUC. Wow! I think there are some more scams happening around so be careful of it coz you dont know in what way they gonna cheat you.

    * Communication is expensive. Internet access in Varadero Cuba is expensive (i dont know in other area). We were paying 12 CUC (about US$12 or higher) per hour in Varadero. In Havana, i think it cost 6 CUC per hour. International call is expensive too - a call to my country cost 4 CUC per minute.

    * If you want to save some money in accommodation, you can just rent a "casa particular" instead of getting a hotel room. A casa particular is basically a private family establishment that provides paid lodging, usually on a short-term basis. In general under this term you can find full apartment and houses, rooms inside people homes, mini-apartments or rooms with separate entrance (studio or efficiency type rooms).

    * Always prepare small bills (coins) in your pocket bcoz if you are going to use a public toilet or even toilet in some restaurants, you will have to give some money to the person who is looking after the toilet.

    * You can buy cigars from locals (not in store - cigars in stores are expensive) but you have to be careful bcoz this is not permitted but this is how it works between cigar buyer and locals. I think they just steal the cigars from factory and sell it to the tourist in cheaper price.

    This is what i just remember for now but i hope this will help and good luck! :-)

    Source(s): me and my husband traveled to Cuba
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