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Are you required to stop at railroad crossings without lights?

The "older" ones, with just the Railroad crossing symbol?

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    The Vehicle Code varies from state to state, so a stop may or may not be "required," but as advised above, whenever practical, one should stop, look and listen before crossing ANY tracks, protected or not by electro-mechanical means (gates, lights, bells).

    Crossing protection is not fail-safe although many believe it is.

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    Safety is the primary concern. Safety for the passengers (like in a school bus), the driver of the large vehicle, and the people on the train who could be injured or killed if a collision resulted in a derailment. Another reason is that large vehicles will have to slow down for the bumps going across a railroad track or crossing. Since slowing down will normally require the use of a lower gear the larger vehicles would have a very difficult time accelerating to escape the tracks quickly if an approaching train suddenly came into view. Of course all of this results in regulations for some types of vehicles (buses, tankers, etc) and common sense for many others.

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    Yes, one should ALWAYS stop, look, listen for an approaching train when at a railroad crossing.

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    You don't need to stop at railroad crossings around Coldwater (unless there is a train coming). There are no laws requiring it and not enough trains to make it worth your while.

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    Definately, especially if you have no "forewarning" (lights, bells) becuase if you have your radio, or you are on the phone, you could easily drown out the horn of the locomotive, and it could be on you before you can react. So, take the safe practice and Stop look and listen.

    Source(s): Railroad Conductor
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    Yes. Stop, look and listen. If you're absolutely certain there isn't a train coming, then proceed.

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    Only if you don't want be flattened like a pancake

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    yes.......and the smart and safe answere is also yes

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