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How Long Will It Be Before The Once Great United Kingdom & Europe Are Living Under Sharia Law?

These fools on YA post criticism of the United States but how soon will the US have to liberate them from radical islams rule?

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    Any country that allows these people in must make them follow their rules and one of them should be no concealment of faces. No knifes under their garments which the men carry. And they should not be allowed to teach their religion to anyone until it is a loving one to all people.

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    Seriously, I don't give less than 50 years for all of Europe. France will be the first to fall, and that would be well within the next 20 to 30 years. Then the domino effect kicks into high gear. At that point, we will be stuck in our own civil war, again.

    When Europe goes down it will go down for several hundred years. We will never see it again the way it was 30 years ago. Its morphing into Islam as we speak.

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    Yup, 20 years at top. Lets have another genocide while we can! We Europeans have traditionally been good at that. This time the Jews will be clamouring to help.

    To hell or to Iran!

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    it is happening at a fantastic rate. My last visit scared the Sheet out of me as I rode down a few blocks while lost! Phew can we say B-U-R-K-A square

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    muslims immigrating to europe is not a bad thing

    all those little islamo kids will be receiving secular education in europe, education is the best way to destroy religion.

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    Just a matter of say, 20 years.

  • beren
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    Never. But nice fearmongering.

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