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I take convincing. Who did 9/11 and for what.Don't gimme that nonsense Osama or du'm'bya answers.See ya!

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    Nobody can "convince" you within the confines of a Yahoo Answer. You must do your homework if you wish to form a credible opinion. There are some great answers here to get you started. Notably, the answers of Flercmel0N and Giordano provide you great tips for self-research.

    To see the whole picture, your homework must include the geopolitical and profit motivations behind 9/11.

    To that end, begin with Mike Ruppert's film, "The Truth and Lies of 9/11". It covers geopolitical motives as well as current and historical criminality and corruption at the top levels of government (democrat and republican). The film is a few years old, but still relevant. In the latter half, Ruppert masterfully organizes and presents the evidence for government complicity (insofar as the evidence was known at the time, more has surfaced since then).

    or read his book "Crossing the Rubicon". Great efforts have been made to marginalize and silence Ruppert, including poisoning. Why has he not been sued for libel? In his words, "the truth is the perfect defense against libel".

    That Ruppert film also covers the geopolitical ideology of Obama's sr. foreign policy adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski (as set out in this book "The Grand Chessboard"). Brzezinski was "prophetic" in predictions that a "9/11 like event" would be needed to kick off the war plans. Brzezinski has ties to the neoconservative think tank “Project for a New American Century” (discussed later in this answer). He is also a CFR member and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, both groups which have excessive influence over our foreign policy.

    Also read "House of Bush, House of Saud" by Craig Unger, see

    Another good film explaining potential geopolitical motives is Barry Zwicker's film, "The Great Conspiracy, The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw"

    Research the neoconservative think tank "Project for a New American Century" and their links to and positions in the Bush Administration. Learn who the members are then read their document "Rebuilding America's Defenses. Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century". Until recently, that document was available from the PNAC web site, but it seems that web site has been taken down. Since then I was able to find it saved at InformationClearingHouse web site, but am unable to get to that site today. If I can find it, I will edit to post a link.

    Importantly, learn about New World Order and what it means to George H.W. Bush. The information in the documentaries above, the PNAC ideology, and the Brzezinski ideology, all fit with what GHWB defined as (his words) “a big idea” in reference to the New World Order.

    Clearly criminal elements in the government facilitated the 9/11 attacks. Were they directly involved over and above that? Many believe so. I believe so as well, but I am not yet convinced of the "total inside job" theory. Neither am I 100% convinced of the government’s claim that Arab terrorists were involved. At the very least, the criminal element in the government took some actions to maximize the effect of 9/11. Either way, it was a false flag, and it was exploited to the fullest to advance the objectives of the criminals, including the war agenda, the continuous gradual dismantling of American civil liberties, and used justification for building a "surveillance state" or "police state" if you will, in America.

    Learn about the role the main stream media plays with regard to 9/11, the Iraq War and the war on terror. The main stream media is owned by a very few corporate giants. Those giants and their major shareholders own other companies that profit from the war and the war on terror. There is cross-over between ownership and boards of directors of media corporations with the CFR and corporations that profit directly. The media is complicit in the 9/11 cover-up. It feeds us a version of reality that best suits the profit and power motives of its owners.

    Research General Electric for example. Learn what media outlets it owns, and learn what else it owns that profits as a result of 9/11. Lean its role as a Pentagon supplier. Learn how it stands to profit from instability of oil prices. Worthy of note is General Electric’s ownership of National Geographic. Knowing that GE is one of the profiteers of the indirect results of 9/11, can we trust its documentaries about 9/11 and Middle East war? We would be fools to do so. Similarly, Popular Mechanics is main stream media as well. Research the circumstances of how it became the government’s propaganda machine. There are undisclosed conflicts of interests to find if you wish to look for them.

    Of course the main stream media did not report the problems with the 9/11 Commission and its investigation. They led us to believe it was a proper and independent investigation. It was a whitewash from start to finish. For example, learn the real reason why Henry Kissinger was forced to resign as Chairman, then look at how the media reported it. Learn about the connections of the Executive Director Zelikow to the Bush Administration. Zelikow had the power to decide what issues to investigate, and what evidence to include or exclude. Of course, it was all cherry-picked, but the media didn’t bother to inform us so.

    For ideas for your own research into the 9/11 Commission's cover-up, watch this film:

    Good articles explaining the media's role in 9/11

    There was, “conveniently” also a profit motive for destruction of the towers. Learn about the problems with the asbestos, the order for remediation, the cost of dismantling the towers manually, and the potential cost for remediation. Instead of facing repair or dismantling costs (amounting in the hundreds of millions, possibly billions) of dollars, the owner Larry Silverstein conveniently made profits in the billions because of the insurance payout for acts of terrorism. He even had the audacity to apply to the Court for double-payout of the insurance funds on the basis that two planes amounted to two separate terrorist attacks. The man has no shame.

    There are also profit motives for the attacks on the Pentagon and the third tower, World Trade Centre 7. I cannot cover those in this answer (out of space) but recommend that you research them. It was a “coincidental convenience” that the Pentagon was struck at the exact location where the plane hit. Learn about the money missing ($2.3 TRILLION) from the Pentagon reported by Secretary Rumsfeld September 10, 2001, and how that may relate to the location of the Pentagon strike. Similarly, there were many “coincidental conveniences” resulting from the destruction of building 7 including the loss of evidence of a number investigations into white collar crimes. There is more. Take the time to learn about it.

    Would $2.3 Trillion be enough to facilitate the attacks and pay for the cover-up? Absolutely. Do the math.

    It takes a great deal of time to research 9/11 to form an opinion. The documentaries alone won’t cut it. I recommend these research sites:

    Be careful with web sites about 9/11. Some of them are COINTELPRO sites (government disinformation) intended to feed truth seekers bogus information to make them look stupid. Also be careful genuine truth seeking sites. Some of them are too far off-the-wall and their existence tarnishes the truth movement as a whole. If you get to a site that subscribes to the “no planes” theory, I suggest you find another site. When reading information online about 9/11, always check the site to see who owns it and learn the names of the main people behind the site. I saw a question here recently about www . debunking911 . com. There was a good discussion about it, definitely worth a read:;_ylt=Avvn9...

    There are truth sites out there that don't claim ownership as well. Any original writing on those sites should be verified before used as a basis for your opinion.

    Do your research and draw your own conclusions. To be fully informed, expect to spent a great deal of time at it (the time required is more accurately measured in months, not days). Notably, the time required is much greater than the time spent by the 9/11 Commissioners!!!!!!!

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    Well, that can only be a matter of opinion at this point. Their really is no direct evidence tying Osama to the attacks despite videos of the overweight zionist Daniel Perlman releasing Osama dress up party videos.

    Even if Osama were involved there is pretty strong evidence that the CIA created and runs Al-Queda to this day. One of it's primary founders being Zbignew Brazinski who was recently one of Obamas top foreign policy advisors. The most recent evidence of this comes from the admission of the US government that it has contracted certain wings of Al-Queda (always refered to as dissident groups in the MSM) to carry out ongoing terrorist attacks in Iran by bombing mosques, schools, and other institutions.

    Remember also that it was the CIA that helped to fund Osama's rise to power in Afghanistan as a Mujahadeen leader.

    Considering this it is apparent that the 9/11 wound was self inflicted even if the act was entirely carried out by foreign agents although this is highly unlikely given the other evidence of government complicity which I won't go into since there is to much of it to properly site here..

    This is why the 9/11 truth movement is NOT asking for the heads of the likely suspects such as the members of PNAC who can be shown without a doubt to have had motive and opportunity.

    Without a real, well-funded, and independent investigation of the events of 9/11 with full subpeona powers and testimony under oath for all witnesses the world will never know for certain just who was involved.

    As for the why -

    “Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.

    Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”

    --- Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials

    Source(s): So says I.
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    Very good question

    Hmmm, let's see.

    Shortly after 9-11, Secretary Rice announced the government had "irrefutable proof" that OBL was behind the attacks, and the information would be made public "shortly". We are still waiting. The FBI is waiting too. As it stands, the 9-11 attacks are not among the reasons OBL is wanted by the FBI. President Bush stated a while back that finding OBL is not a priority. Draw your own conclusion.

    The OBL videos are obvious fakes, unless he routinely undergoes massive weight fluctuations, cosmetic surgery and skin tone modification. Let's assume for a moment that one of the videos is above board -- the confession video. We put men to death row for video-taped confessions, yet in this case the evidence is not adequate for the FBI to want OBL for the attacks. Hmm.

    Any confessions by alleged terrorists that were captured were made under torture, so I'm a little skeptical there too. Hey, if I was being water-boarded, I would be too happy to tell them what they want to hear.

    The evidence to show the government lying is convincing. If you believe the intelligence and air defense failures were anything but intentional, I have a bridge to China to sell. The 9-11 Commission was a cover-up to support the government's fairy tale. Research it, it's plain to see.

    So to conclude, if the plot began with Arab terrorists, that is not where it ended. Criminals inside and outside the government played a role.

    I don't waste a lot of time pondering HOW the criminals did it. Those are details. Most important is the evidence for complicity and the resulting gains to the war and profit motives of the alleged criminals.

    The evidence is there for anyone who wants to find it. The show-stopper for many people is understanding why. There is plenty of information available showing geopolitical incentives for the criminals. Start with PNAC.

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    As much as I disagree with the President on issues, there is no way and no how he was responisble for what happened on 9/11.

    I nver thought he was responisble, however by talking to someone for the airlines, in a non official capacity, there is no doubt that 9/11 was committed by Saudi Nationals!!! What was revealed to by the employee I will kept to myself, there must be a reason the government did not hand out this information.

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    What's the question again?

    Uh you don't want nonsense Osama or dubya answers??? They're the usual suspects on both sides.

    Of course, Dubya is only a pawn in this. He has fulfilled his duty for the Powers that be.

    I'm not sure I can convince you of something you don't want to believe. But I respect your question... at least you're asking! That's more than what a lot of people can do!

    Source(s): EDIT: To Geary.. Osama didn't admit to the 9/11 attacks. Quite the contrary. He says he was not involved and points the finger at a group of people inside our own Country. You must be thinking of the PROVEN Fake Osama tape.. with the Fat Osama admitting to everything! Wow... what wonderful evidence you have!
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    Well, du'm'bya certainly did comply as any good half-witted puppet would. The orders came from the government behind the government possibly CFR or PNAC. Short term goal was to start the oil wars which they have. Long term goal was a 1 world government which they've certainly gotten closer to with the unpatriotic Patriot Act, Open Borders Policy, and RFID chips already in use.

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    Really the answer is unknown

    thats why so many people are complaining a lot!

    the "official" 9/11 report was supposed to put an end to the debate, but its only a white wash job!

    So where does that leave WE THE PEOPLE?


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    $$$'s, ISI, Al Qaeda, Religous zealots, Pakistani's, Saudi's, Afgani's acompanied by our goverments complecity did us all in. But as long as we have the administrations new form of freedom it's all OK. right???

    Oh, I almost left the most important people out the IRAQI's they did 9/11 right? Isn't that why we went in there? ignorance is bliss!

    Source(s): "Viva La Revolucion" "Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies"
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    Clearly you know it was George Bush and his Government.. check out you-tube videos on buildings that people heard bombs from after the aeroplanes crashed. Unexplainable building 7 demolished with no areoplane or anything. It was all the government and SkyNews never showed the video of Building 7. Check it out for yourself and see how the levels of the building keep going down, down level by level perfectly with implanted bombs.

    This topic is so annoying to see people believe that Osama Bin Laden actually was the blame for 9/11...

    Far our 4000 people died or something ok.. but I hate it when they are careless to even think about the 400 people that died in Iraq every god damb day!!

    George Bush had an intention to send a message to the world that Islam should be a hated, terrosim jihad religion and you know what it worked in many countries...

    Gooodd Save this world!

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    Magical terrorists. They can melt steel with their minds, and at least 7 of them can survive kamikaze runs in 757's.

    And don't forget the magical passport that magically survived the collapses. It was enchanted with Muslim sorcery. Very powerful...

    And there was also a dragon. His name is Gorlock. He convinced NORAD to stand down. He's a very well-spoken dragon, but be careful, that motherf***** breathes fire!

    That's why we need to fight them over there, before they bring their dragon army over here!

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    I wont say any more than, read the answer given by Giordano!

    I agree with him 100%

    If you want to know why here is my blog page just as a starting point, have fun down the rabbit hole.


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