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How to increase dog immunity to fight fungal infection?

Our Labrador dog is very sensitive to skin fungal infection. For two years ,it has been to clinic to get medicine from vet very often almost every two months. When stop antifungal drug (normally 1 month of treatment), the skin problem come up again. Please kindly suggest and help.

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    go to the vet and get it checked out and you will be able to

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    For overall immunity, add a vitamin like Vettabs to your dog's daily diet.However, I have never heard of an animal developing an immunity to fungal infections. I would have the vet run a culture of fungus scraped from the dog, to make sure it is right type of medicine. If he does not want to, find another vet who will. I would also wash/replace everything the dog touches(bed, toys, etc.) Does he swim in a natural body of water, like a pond or stream? Find the source of the fungus, and remove it or keep the dog away from it. There are also several antifungal shampoos out on the market, but I do not have experience to recommend which one to use.

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    How long has he had it? Usually ringworm takes awhile to spread. If it's spread that much you still need a vet. Mine had a small, nickel sized spot, on his forehead when he was a pup (gave it to our female as well, same spot). The vet gave us some antifungal, that cost $10 from him. But we could have gotten the exact same thing from wal mart for $3 or $4. So go to wal mart and get some antifungal cream. Put it on and keep your dog from licking it. You may need to get an E-collar from the vet. If it spreads, or doesn't start clearing up within a week, you will still need to go to the vet.

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    to make a short history, our dog had ringworms in the last year.

    Ringworms or cutaneous athlete's feet: mostly for the dogs and cats it is one mushrooms which affects the skin . Hairs loss and plates (without hairs) habitually round appear.

    in brief, we had the choice then between a cream has $30 the tube! a shampoo has $80! or total by drugs $+100!...

    by reading little, on of other one forums, we read that several uses(employs) simply of the canesten! or whatever others cream for mushrooms. And it was also for shampoos against mushrooms

    therefore, for $10 (cream and shampoos), we put of cream several times a day (seen price) and giving several baths with shampoo. at the end of week (after 3 months without evolution), they saw from new hairs(hair) appearing!!

    we have continue cream jusqu' has that hairs(hair) takes back(resumes) places(seats) very her or about 1 month.

    but for - $+10, with products having the same purpose(goal) is to destroy mushrooms, our dogs does not have ringworms anymore her.

    If it reappear again and again, you need a deeper cleaning of the dog area...

    hope it help you

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