Are Forex Peace Army and honest services?

It seems to me that there is so much effort out there to discredit these services and a lot of it seems to be spam-related. From what I can see, is an honest site that lets traders review the hundreds of services and broker out there. I would guess that a lot of the services reviewed that get poor marks from the trading community get bitter and launch smear campaigns to discredit the host of the reviews... or do all the negative comments about these services hold merit?

I know Felix had some legal troubles, but all that was about immigration and his girlfriend... from what I can tell there have never been any official wrongdoings with his trading services.

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    1 decade ago
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    It's no secret that Forex is a difficult market to master! The leverage/risk is much, much higher then other markets creating additional risk. Yet many people jump into it without either skills or experience because the platforms are very easy to use, the leverage is high so the hope is euphoric. Yet, would I jump into being a brain-surgeon without schooling AND experience? Seems we are doing it for the hope and bankrolling it because of the simplicity.

    Felix is offering many, many services that include assisting a forex investor to gain KNOWLEDGE and valuable EXPERIENCE. I appreciate the diamonds service in particular for those reasons. It's a bit like school, only better and entertaining too. I enjoy learning through experience in a community of support.

    However it seems when people do loose money (and in forex even the masters do) the tendency is to want to blame someone, ...anyone! Yet, ask any experienced trader and they will agree, that trading in high risk markets without knowledge is simply --a guaranteed loss! There are warnings for this reason, on everything related to forex. The peace army service, which is offered free uncovers and explains all the additional HIDDEN ones that you REALLY need to know about as well!

    These services have nothing to do with others losses. They go to great lengths to encourage very small risk taking (often only 1%!) because they understand the value of experience.

    A wise newbie trader will quickly learn to use his/her own discernment when trading and use the services as they are meant to be used --as listening and learning tools and being guided through others experiences or their own at a minimal risk.

    There are plenty of long-time successful traders that are using these services in a way that works incredibly well for them and they are making lots of money! I've been in the services for about two months and have learned a years worth of valuable experience!

    Thanks to the people working hard to service this and keep up the great service!

    Oh- Felix I hope immigration is not bothering you still. This country was founded on people like you who can think outside of the box and make amazing things happen from nothing.

    Happy Girl

  • Lori
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    4 years ago

    I have always suspected he was not a real trader , and never trusted his reviews there is a company he list as a scam on his site i have used them for almost 1 year and they are nothing near a scam more like a 5 star rating which was a red flag he was not trying to help people make an informed decision . he was just pretending to be a trader and sell his wanna be alert service. i read the original FBI police report. and they found this illegal "RENTING" a tiny small 1 bedroom apartment. in a run down part of the city that hardly sounds like a successful forex trader to me ! and further digging i found he has more pending legal action on numerous offenses. this guy is the real deal in scam-con artist! he pulled the blinds or many eyes and tricked countless newbies. telling him he would protect them from scams when he was the main con-artist. very ironic.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have personally been trading with Forex Diamonds for 2 years and have had nothing but good things to say about Felix and Sir Pips, who runs the service now. Their services are definitly not scams. Try their service out for yourself. If you dont like it or its not for you ask for a refund.

    Thomas aka Pip Boss

  • 1 decade ago

    I've made a bundle using forexdiamonds, and it's definitely NOT a scam. I'm plus $70K trading forex in less than a year, having zero experience before joining.

    You do have to do some work yourself and not be an idiot however. But assuming you can listen, follow directions, and use your brain even somewhat, there's money to be made...

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  • 5 years ago

    Are Forex Peace Army and honest services or not you may confirm from the website belo they are the very much trusted .

    they will alow to help you alwayes

  • 1 decade ago

    They are, for shure!

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