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豆豆 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

麻煩幫我翻譯以下的文章....急~ 明天就要用

Daisy and I in time found asylum in a small managerie down by the railroad tracks.

It belonged to a gentle alcoholic ne’er-do-well, who did nothing all day long but drink bathtub gin in rickeys and play solitaire and smile to himself and talk to his animals.

He had a little, stunted red vixen and a deodorized skunk, a parrot from Tahiti that spoke Parisian French, a woebegone coyote, and two capuchin monkeys, so serious and humanized, so small and sad and sweet, and so religious-looking with their tonsured heads that it was impossible not to think their gibberish was really an ordered language with a grammar that someday some philologist would understand.

Gran knew about our visits to Mr. Murphy and she did not object, for it gave her keen pleasure to excoriate him when we came home.

His vice was not a matter of guesswork; it was an established fact that he was half-seas over from dawn till midnight.

“With the black Irish,” said Gran,”the taste for drink is taken in with the mother’s milk and is never mastered.

Oh, I know all about those promises to join the temperance movement and not to touch another drop.

The way to Hell is paved with good intentions.

We were still little girls when we discovered Mr. Murphy, before the shattering disease of adolescence was to make our bones and brains ache even more painfully than before, and we loved him and we hoped to marry him when we grew up.

We loved him, and we loved his monkeys to exactly the same degree and in exactly the same way; they were husbands and fathers and brothers, these little, ugly, dark, secret men who minded their own business and let us mind ours.

If we stuck our fingers through the bars of the cage, the monkeys would sometimes take them in their tight, tiny hands and look into our faces with a tentative, somehow absent-minded sorrow, as if they terribly regretted that they could not place us but were glad to see us all the same.

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    它屬于一溫和的酒精的ne er做得好,誰整日什麼也沒做,但是在rickeys裡喝澡盆杜松子酒, 並且下單人球戲並且對他自己微笑並且對他的動物交談。

    他已經稍微,阻礙紅悍婦和一只除去臭味的臭鼬鼠生長, 來自講巴黎的法語的塔希提的一只鸚鵡, 一匹悲哀的胡野狼, 以及兩只連帽女用斗篷猴子,如此嚴肅和被賦與人性, 如此小和悲哀和甜, 因此宗教樣子與一起他們tonsured 頭, 沒認為他們的無用訊息真的是用有一天一些國文學家將理解的一套語法的一種預訂的語言是不可能的。


    他的邪惡不是推測的問題; 這是一個建立的他從黎明到午夜半醉的事實。

    ‥With黑色愛爾蘭,〃說Gran,〃the適合飲料品嘗被mother s 奶接受並且從未被掌握。



    當我們發現墨菲先生時,我們仍然是小女孩, 在青春期的粉碎的疾病將使我們的骨頭和大腦疼比以前更痛苦之前, 並且我們愛他,當我們長大時,我們希望與他結婚。

    我們愛他, 並且我們愛他的猴子對完全相同的度和用完全相同的模式; 他們是丈夫和父親和兄弟,這些小,醜陋,黑,祕密男人,其少管閒事並且讓我們介意我們的。

    如果我們透過籠的酒吧黏住我們的手指, 猴子將有時接納他們他們的緊,極小的手,用一件試驗性,設法心不在焉的使人痛苦的事深情地看著我們的臉, 好像他們十分遺憾他們不能安置我們,但是很高興仍然看見我們。

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