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tap dance........?

i have wanted to try tap dancing for like 3-4 years but i live in maine and there wasnt really any dance studios, but im moving to High Point, North Carolina July 25th and i wanted to know where a good tap dance class is near there because i wanted to look into it to see if i really want to do it also if you do tap do you like it???? do you regret doing it???? and how long have you been doing it for????

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    Tap is so much fun. =] Unfortunately I don't live near you so I can't tell you a studio. It is important not to try to do to much while you are learning, because then you might do the simplest things wrong. If you focus enough I bet you could get it. Tap was really easy to catch on to for me.

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    unfortunately, I also don't live in North Carolina but can tell you that I love tap dancing and think that if you still want to try after several years than you have enough determination to get through the beginning of learning the basics. I've been tapping for 13 years, but know people that have just started and love it.

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    i don't live by you either

    but i've been tapping for 13 years

    just when you move to your new house... after you settle in and all check out the phone book

    look for any dance studio and give em a call... I love tap! It's the best form of dance I think there is. NO, why would i regret doing it... it's mainly my life :D

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