If you were single and looking for a partner..?

If you were single and looking for a partner, canyou give some idea of who your ideal might look like ?

Mine could very well be....


I'm a bit hard to please today I think.

Rose P.


The 42 years I had with my Gwenneth have opened my eyes to my faults and failings. Hopefully I could be as accepting as she was with me.


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    Looks are not everything, they may help attrack us to the person at first but I think the personality is much more important also. But that pic is very pretty. My hubby is not exactly any Brad Pitt but he is handsome in my eyes and I would not trade him for anyone and he is very loving to me.

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    1 decade ago

    some things to ponder...bare in mind that thare is not a such a thing as a perfect relationship if you are in it. this goes for all peaple especially me....dont be an overbearing bxtch and expect too much or compair eny person to another.execpt each person as you experiance them instead of judgeing them before you spend an hour with them. rember happy is an additude which is a choice which you soley bare responcibilioty for your additudes and choices thare of..and lastly you can only change you not the other person execpt them as thay are or leave well enough alone....good luck and try to relax and enjoy each moment of life it is just too short to stress over trivial crap like a pimple on her butt or some shallow thing like that...

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    1 decade ago

    Well, if I were lesbian, then Keira Knightly. I love her. Though for a guy, hmm... no candidates at the moment. He'd be tall, short dark hair, green eyes. But of course personality is first!

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    im not picky honestly...but i will tell you what does it for me...

    i look directly at the face...first up, the eyes...if they have light colored eyes green/grey or blueish...*melts/passes out*


    second...i look at the face again, but this time i look at the cheekbone. if it has a slight curve to it...somewhat round (right below the eyes)...*stares dreamily into the sky*


    yeah...otherwise, it doesnt matter. it can be anyone as long as they love me for who i am...

    (and these above features can be on a guy or girl...gender isnt an issue w/ me either.)

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  • 1 decade ago

    If I could choose, ugh definitely Robert Pattinson. Yummmy.

    Oh wait this is the Gay&Lesbian section.

    Then I would go for Cameron Diaz. :-)

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    1 decade ago

    Why Rose, that's exactly how I look! What a coincidence, it's a shame I'm taken ; )

  • 1 decade ago

    first of all 'looking' never works....that said,,love personality...and looks,,,i do like to be physically turned on by my partner...humor is good...

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