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do u think that disney channel?

i think that disney channel needs another types of series like one were there is no comedy , and that they show the real type of teenagers and how do we struggle with those years instead of the pop-star , the non-popular kid , the popular kid and all that stuff ?

what do u think disney channel needs ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    they need to stop showing that hanna montana, jonas brothers crap and start putting on something good. none of the shows are even funny they hav lame @$$ jokes and its disgusting and makes me wanna gag also it is true its for kids but really wen i was like 2 years younger (im 15 now) i didnt even giv a damn for the crap they show but somehow my lil bro (age 11) likes it so do some of my friends that are a year younger than me i swear on my les paul standard guitar that their shows royally suck and also the jonas brothers music has no real feeling in it and a monkey that was blind and def could play their songs i mean i can make better music using bodily gasses also watching that channel for over 2 seconds burns my retnas anyways thats wat i kno^.^

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah I agree with you. Basically all of their shows are on school life with almost a happy ending all the time. They should come up with different types of shows. But then again disney channel is supposed to be meant for kids, so I guess they can't put anything too depressing or shows that actually potray the world as how it is...?

  • 1 decade ago

    Disney Channel needs a show that does show true life of a unpopular kid, without making it all cute and without everyone singing. I am getting sick of every program they have, has everyone break out in a musical number. That is fake, and totally not real.

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