Jumpsuits in a juvenile detention center?

Do teen inmates in a Juvenile Detention Center have to wear jumpsuits or are they given normal athletic clothing?

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    The ones I've been in to put the juveniles I've arrested wear the orange just like everywhere else.

    I have seen some group/home facility type that let them wear civilian clothes though, but a DETENTION facility.... orange.

    Source(s): 10 years federa/state law enforcement
  • 1 decade ago

    It depends on the juvenile detention center. I have 3 near me. Each has a specific uniform, none of which are "normal athletic clothing". 1 has brown jumpsuits. 1 has orange jumpsuits. The 3rd is more like a school, they wear khaki pants and a pullover shirt with the center's logo on it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Depends on the center really. There's one I know that wears junpsuits (white & orange), one that wear uniform like outfits, and one that lets you wear regular clothes but other people from outside have 2 bring them or u bring them when u come, if u dont bring anything they have jumpsuits.

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  • Jim S
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    1 decade ago

    Depends opn the detention center and what their policies are. If the teen is suicidal, or appears to be, he/she will most likely be put in a jump suit or something similar.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It all depends on the facility. We wear Blue shorts, and 3 colors of t-shirts (depending on their behavioral level) , and tennis shoes. For court they wear Blue sweat pants and bottoms.

  • danica
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    3 years ago

    definite you will ought to do artwork. the place? i don't be attentive to precisely. definite you will maximum possibly have a uniform. definite you'll be strip searched throughout the time of the 1st preliminary front into the ability, yet via girls individuals no longer adult men. you'll be able to additionally be strip searched if ever suspected of wearing banned components on/on your individual. you will get carry of privateness in the time of bathe time. it is no longer a reformatory camp for prisoners of conflict, sheesh. you have got get right of entry to to warm water in the time of bathe time. They do warmth the ability besides. you have got a cellular/room besides as one or 2 cellular acquaintances. perhaps greater gazing the size of the cells. The lunches are sufficient assets of nutrition, inclusive of proteins n carbs, yet no longer continually the acceptable in flavor. definite you have got college, and artwork. you will get carry of the jumpsuit once you arrive on the detention middle. you mustn't be constrained, (and not in any respect "chained n shackled" you at the instant are not a slave or a unfavorable serial killer) until you act violent and lead them to restrain you. wherein case perhaps handcuffs or zip ties. definite it is conceivable you would be considered via others as you enter into the ability. How lots relies upon on the layout of the ability. a number of them my be violent and attempt to harm you, yet they are going to be uncommon, and below heavy watch via the guards. in case you act cool, they'll handle you cool. Play protective.

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