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Should I really stop using my Nalgene bottle if it has BPA?

I know that the BPA issue recently hit the news and that Nalgene replaced that line of its bottles. But is the BPA matter a serious one or a media ploy? I have the basic Nalgene bottle, which is made with BPA; do I definitely need to replace it? I don't like spending money on things like this unnecessarily. I definitely recognize what the media is saying, but is that BPA issue a real health question? Just wondering, thanks.

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    yes you should!! Look up BPA on the internet it is linked to causing all sorts of harm. Europe and Canada has banned products with it in them. It is interesting that the FDA maintains that BPA is safe but they are not troubling to hide their ties with the plastics industry. You have to ask yourself why other countries would bann it if it were safe. I switched to stainless steel water bottles and my husband and I loved them. Now if I drink out of a plastic cup I can taste the plastic, I was just so used to it before. If you can taste it, do you really want it in your body? Try Kleen Canteen bottles. But only you can make the decision. Some people do feel its no big deal.

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    no i dont think it makes a difference. its just so you'll buy another one.

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