Hosting an exchange student?

For those who have hosted an exchange student, please answer the following

1-where the student was from

2-how long they stayed with you

3-what their age was

4-typical problems that arose

5-what you provided for them in terms of living space and day to day life

6-what did the student most enjoy?

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    My parents used to host one student at a time (except for one married couple) over 10 years. Mostly the kids they got were from Japan and all were female (not sure if they specified any of this). My parents speak a little Japanese so maybe that was asked on the registry info. All of the kids were college age but although we lived near the Univ. of Chicago, all the kids went to school at smaller colleges. They stayed anywhere from a few weeks to 6 months. All students were given a room of their own but had to share the bathroom with any guests in the house, my little sister who was still quite young (the rest of us had gone off to college and beyond). They could have meals with the family but mom wasn't going to cook for them if they couldn't make it to the family meals. The students could buy their own food (if asked, mom would rearrange the frig to provide some room; kid would have to keep the kitchen clean, wash up after cooking/eating, etc.), could use all the other rooms in the house with the family. Could even invite friends over--but had to ask permission just as we kids always had to. You know, just follow the rules of the house. They had to keep their own room cleaned. The kids just seemed to love being in a culture where there was such mixed ethnicity everywhere. They always seemed to be out and about (it's Chicago, always lots of stuff to do). The only problem my parents ever spoke about was that the girls were so naieve and overly-friendly they didn't know when NOT to talk to someone and give out their phone number, when to say NO, didn't understand all the little Americanisms of speech and English so they'd say "YES" to anything and then have guys following them home or guys who thought they'd get something from these cute little girls and the girls would run home (my parents' home) scared and needing protection--my parents would have to tell the guys they were mistaken and should know better since the girls obviously couldn't understand English perfectly well. Otherwise, the experience seemed to agree with my folks. I know one of my younger sisters thinks all foreign student services (outside of the US) are just as protective and helpful as my parents were and have sent their daughters off (15-17 y.o. girls) hoping the girls will be immersed in the language and the girls have had really bad times, one almost got gang raped while waiting for the bus (and no one did ANYTHING, not even the police), one got an electric baton applied to her head while she was waiting for the light to change because there was a student demonstration going on nearby and a horsed-police guy decided to hurt anyone he could find who was young (she had seizures for years afterward). If you are thinking of hosting someone, make sure what the school will cover as far as liability--if the kid gets hurt (or accuses you of something), will the school provide a defense for you if you are sued? How far does your responsibility go (if the kid decides to go downtown and gets lost, is it up to you to locate him/her all alone? If the kid fall downs your stairs, does it come out of your own homeowner's insurance (your premiums may go up)? Etc. Know exactly what is required, expected of your, where your liability and responsibility ends, etc. It's a useful service and aids the kids feel they aren't being thrown totally into strange places all along, but you also need to look out for your own self (some exchange services are not good ones and suddenly are unavailable when you need them most).

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    Hi, I had a 15 year french student stay with me for 2 weeks last month. It was one of the best experiences I have had, it helped my french for my a level and me and her are now really good friends, we stay in touch via email and text.

    We didnt have any problems at all with her but my friends who had other exchange sudents found the girls needed to phone home more often than the boys, but that isnt really a problem!

    We gave her a room to herself because we had the space but others shared rooms, it all depends on your house!

    We took her into school some times because that was part of our contract but when she wasnt in school we took her to local outings such as museums and the beach, she loved it all!

    My exchange student was fantastic and very easy to get on with but you have to let them get here then decide what to do so it suits them, you dont want to organise days out for them to not like it!

    Any more questionsjust ask!


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