Closest Beach from Rocklin CA?

I'm visiting California, and staying in Rocklin. I really want to spend the day at the beach with friends and have fun now that it's summer. So what is the closest beach to rocklin? Please help and thanks!

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    Sacramento, which is the biggest city close to Rocklin is inland meaning the only beaches or beach like areas are at lakes or on rivers. The closest ocean beach is about 2+ hours away.

    In the Rocklin-Sacramento area there is Folsom Lake, Camp Far West,Rollins Lake, the Sacramento River, and the American River.

    There are 2 Water parks in the area SunSplash in Rocklin and Raging Waters in Sacramento. There are some really nice public pools in Roseville, right by Rocklin also.

    For the ocean you would have to go to Santa Cruz. 2 plus hrs away. There are beaches on the San Francisco Bay in San Francisco and in Marin.

    Here is a link that covers all of the beaches in California, there are tons of beaches in California unfortunately most of them are not closer then 2-3 hours from Rocklin.

    Santa Cruz is probably going to be your best bet.

    You can go to the Beach and go on the rides at the Boardwalk. On Friday night there is free band night. If you go to Santa Cruz make sure to go to "The Mystery Spot" it is a really cool place. Here is a Mapquest for you from Rocklin to Santa Cruz to give you an idea.

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    Closest Beach To Roseville Ca

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    Here are some ideas: 1. New Brighton Beach is in Capitola (near Santa Cruz) 2. Panther Beach is along highway 1 between Santa Cruz and Davenport (on the way to Half Moon Bay) 3. Its Beach is a tiny beach near the lighthouse in Santa Cruz (along West Cliff Drive just north of the Boardwalk) 4. Rio Del Mar Beach is in Aptos and there are several different entrances to the beach Good luck!

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    Folsom Lake is just a few miles away. It is a popular place during the summer for swimming and sitting in the sun.

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    From the milage charts... Sacto to Bodega Bay-2hrs 10 min.

    Sacto to Point Reyes-2 hrs. 17 min.

    Sacto to Half Moon Bay- 2hrs.

    Sacto to Pacifica-1hr. 40 mins

    Sacto to Santa Cruz-2hrs. 28min.

    Since they're all pretty close, the hard part is deciding which one.

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    Folsom lake or Discovery park

  • try folsom lake if you live in rocklin you should know where it is

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