Why do atheists hate religion so much?

I mean, I know atheists say that religion is a source of violence and what not, but I don't beleive in a God of violence and rediculous dogma- I beleive in a God who loves us unconditionaly, who defines sin as hurting someone else's feelings rather than the dogma definition of breaking the status quo. I think some atheists hate God because they think he's never done anything for them, but suffering isn't God's fault, It's people's fault. That's why he sent Jesus to teach us how to live in brotherhood rather than hate. So why do atheists hate religion? Btw atheists claim that religion is a source of violence and hate (I will admit, many christians are hateful, but I they're misenturpeting the word of God) but atheists are some of the most hateful people in the world (that's a generalization btw, maybe you aren't), hateful against theists. Isn't that hypocritical (yes it is)?


Btw, I don't hate atheists. In fact, even if you don't beleive in it, I beleive that atheists go to heaven to, as long as they're good people. All I was trying to say was that it seems like many-not all-atheists are just intolerant.

Update 2:

Again- I'm not saying that ALL atheists hate religion, but I do see a lot of intolerance.

Someone said that I only use the good parts of the bible and ignore the bad parts. Well, everyone knows that God didn't write the bible, the bible is like a scrapbook of religous material put together by the early church. You can't forget that people generally were racist, chauvanist bastards back than,and that they only put in the parts that sounded right to them. The Gospel, the teachings of Jesus Christ, is what I live my life based on. I will admit there's a lot of dogma and bullshit in the other parts, but there's also a lot of beautiful material.

One more point, many answerers are saying that I generalized, wich I was not tryig to do, but some, not all answeres also generalized about christians, that we're all violent bitter bastards. But I don't beleive in war, or violence, or theocracy, or prejiduces, and I especially don't beleive in sensless dogma

Update 3:

Some answeres said that they just don't beleive in God because they beleive in Evolution. There is a theory called Intelligent Design you know. Of coarse, it's viewed as extremist lies in the scientific community, and many scientists lost their jobs just for stating it as a possible theory. Someone said that science is better than religion or something like that, well I never said I'm against science. I'm not amish.

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    I don't hate religion. I don't disrespect any religious person on those grounds or disrespect their religious texts. Of course, I treat them as interesting historical belief systems and mythology in the same way as I read Homer or Greek or Irish mythology etc. so I guess religious people would feel that I wasn't showing their particular beliefs the respect they deserve in the same way as an ancient Greek would believe that I don't give Heracles his due respect.

    I do, however, feel that faith in anything without evidence or without making an effort to weigh up the evidence is close-minded and I feel that believing these mythologies invented by old societies to be real or a source of morality is misguided. Especially when the aforementioned evidence points to the contrary and is fairly easily accessible.

    Regarding a belief that religions lead to evil, I don't necessarily believe that. I believe that anything that has ever been done that is good could easily be done without religion but that there are many evil things that have been inspired by religion that could not have happened otherwise. That doesn't mean that no evil can be done without religion of course.

    I do believe that most religious people, unbeknownst to themselves, ignore certain commandments and follow others precisely because they already have the same innate morality that everyone has - demonstrating that morality does not come from religion.

    However, some religious people do not discriminate between good commandments and bad commandments and you can have religious faith fuelling hatred and terrorism and discrimination on this basis. Now whether these same people would use another excuse to do ill to others is something we'd need to be able to answer before blaming religion outright but it is easy to see how religion is not necessary for good but can provide impetus and support for certain wrongs. The main problem is when we teach our children that blind faith or a feeling that you have a commandment directly from God is more valid than any reasonable argument or evidence to the contrary. While in most cases this is harmless, it is the only reason that it is possible to produce so many eager suicide bombers and jihadists and it stifles reason and thought.

    While you believe that these people are misinterpreting the word of God, he really couldn't have put it clearer in some cases and it is obvious from reading Exodus and the Bible that the roots of the Judaeo Christian religion are based in a society that had different morals to our own that in some cases were written as the word of god - thereby creating a danger to present society.

    I firmly believe that whether a person is good or bad for the rest of us has more to do with other factors than with their religion, as demonstrated by the masses of peaceful people who act morally and interpret and pick and choose their religious texts to back up these morals, ignoring the out of date morality of a long gone society. Even if I could show you an unquestionable command from God in the Bible that commanded these people to kill me, I don't believe that they would!

    To me, their religion is something that is personally important to them. It's not something I follow but in them it is harmless, sometimes even good and does not impose on the rest of us. So I have the utmost respect for them as people and the utmost respect for their freedom of religion.

    Just because I may not like certain attitudes displayed by a minority (hopefully) of religious people - whether terrorism or anti-science - doesn't mean that I hate religion so I would appreciate it if you didn't make that generalisation.

    Edit: Ok well I fully accept that you don't mean to generalise then so no hard feelings. And you also seem to be sensible in your beliefs, though I do think you may not realise exactly what "cdesign proponentsists" (lol) stand for but that's a different debate.

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    jeros- what you see as religion ( happy happy joy joy) isn't what I see as religion (sad sad hate hate ) which is part of the problem. I will admit religion or religious people in the name of religion do some good ( bringing food to people ) but I also see the bad. You admit the same things but think the good outweighs the bad ( especially if you count in the whole heaven thing and conveniently ignore the whole hell thing ).Suffering , if God exists, IS Gods fault b/c He's omnipotent. Much the same way if you let your child play with a nest of ants and she gets covered with antbites it's your fault she suffers.'Isn't that hypocritical?/yes, it is' - why do you ask if you're just going to answer?- As for hating religion, you have to understand why we hate religion (and not ALL religion and not even all christianity. Not the Amish for example )- It's because we define it as just about the worst thing to ever exist. We see it as a hindrance to scientific progress and thus the curing of diseases and the creation of more fertile farming techniques and on and on. Science has a proven track record of helping mankind. Religion doesn't. Religion has a track record of helping start wars and oppression. Science doesn't. So, you see Strawberry Shortcake and we see the monster from the Aliens movies.

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    I don't know any atheists that are hateful. Atheists DO speak out about the dangers of organized religion because they think it's harmful to people and society. Any child who is indoctrinated with religion since childhood has a difficult time letting go of it. Mainly for fear of hell and alienation. It prevents them from thinking logically or searching for the truth outside of there religion. Religion is a form of mind control that varies in degrees depending on the parents and the specific church. Look at the FLDS church. Read about it, and think about it. Those who are in the church; however, truly believe they are the lucky ones to be part of that faith. They believe it very strongly. There are many more examples of this. Even if you are correct about Jesus... you have to admit that he did a really poor job of keeping his flock together and he obviously failed about the nonviolence part. The excuse of having free will is just that... an excuse for his failings as a god. He also failed at giving his flock an infallible bible. If it's open for interpretation, it cannot be infallible. An infallible bible would leave no room for misinterpretation. I hope this helps.

    BTW you've been misinformed about atheists having some of the meanest people in the world. Hateful people come from all races and religions. No one has the market on it.

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    Because religion hated us first.

    And now that I got the flip answer out of the way. Why is it that religious persons (such as you've described yourself) tend to always blame humans for all bad in the world and give credit to a god for all that is good? If you can truly think for yourself, then can you not accept that perhaps--just maybe--*you* could be the source of some good in the world?

    There are plenty of ways to learn to live in brotherhood and to not hate without adding in a mythology of a god and human sacrifice and fire & brimstone. (And that's just the stuff the god of the Bible did! So, it seems to me there is plenty of violence perpetrated by god without the need for humans to "misinterpret" the teachings).

    And atheists, like all humans, come in all varieties. If you perceive them as hateful, it's a decent bet that they're just tired of answering the same silly question all the time. I personally am only "hateful" to people who have earned my contempt...and I was the same way before I gave up the charade of religion.

    Hypocritical is believing that humans are made in god's image and then coming up with a fistful of reasons why some of those people are less deserving of love than others. If I am as god created me, then my need & ability to question all that has been "taught" to me is from that god as well. Yet, by exercising those abilities, I put myself in a position of being reviled and condemned. Yes--that is definitely a god that I would want to follow. (Go ahead and argue choice and free will. I've heard it all and I still reject the idea of any and all gods).

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    Hate is a strong word. I don't hate religion, but I do dislike it.

    Why? Well, like any reasonably decent person, I care about the welfare of other people. It follows therefore that I'm against anything which interferes with people's ability to live their lives in a balanced, happy, harmonious way.

    This includes both physical and sociological factors (disease, crime, war, poverty) and psychological factors (racism, homophobia, sexism and other irrational and confrontational thought processes).

    I would consider that religion is chief among these unhappiness-causing factors. Religions are irrational belief systems which inevitably lead to conflict, and prevent humanity achieving its true potential by forcing it to concentrate on appeasing ludicrous fictional super-beings, rather than sorting out its real-world problems.

    Religions also have a habit of encouraging their followers to behave in ways which will be in no way conductive to their own personal wellbeing, or the wellbeing of the wider community, for no obvious reason other than because God/Jesus/Vishnu/Odin/The Tooth Fairy said so.

    I could write a long list of examples here, but luckily I don’t need to, because Dreamstuff Entity got in there first...

    (outstanding answer by the way, Dreamstuff)

  • Because it is intrinsically divisive,intolerant,and it fosters ignorance and a sense of entitlement (that is not deserved). Just because you believe something it doesn't make you better than non-believers in what you believe and that is exactly what religion teaches people.

    How can a person not think less of others when they believe their group is the only one doing the right thing and all other groups are such bad people that they don't deserve what they deserve (eternal bliss)? Many even believe that the other groups deserve to be tortured forever. How is that going to make the world a better place?

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    If you are a christian and "don't beleive in a God of violence and rediculous dogma" where do you get your ideas about your god? Certainly not the bible because it is filled with those very things. If you don't think so I HIGHLY suggest you read the WHOLE thing. Don't cherry-pick the nice parts and ignore all the bad parts (and there are a LOT)

    Get back to us after you've read the whole thing. After all. Isn't this book what you base your entire life upon?

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    Because religion HAS started wars. It's been the justification for murder and torture. Slavery, rape, etc. I don't hate god. I nothing god. God to me is as real as a unicorn. If he or she existed, I wouldn't care. I don't require a higher being in my life, and I don't think there is one.

    But just because there is no god, doesn't mean the followers of religion don't do harm. Maybe if you cut down on the bigotry, hatred against everyone who is different, and need to convert everyone, with no respect for their personal beliefs, we would dislike religion a little less.

    I know that if I never had someone GRAB ME IN THE STREET and try to preach about how wonderful god and Jesus are, and that if I don't love and obey them, I will suffer eternally, I'd be a little more accepting of your fairytales.

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    I don't hate religion. In fact I love it. I love it so much that I am majoring in it. However, I dislike stupid people who pervert religion and corrupt it to satisfy their own ends. I do not like people who are closed minded, and I most certainly do not like people who think that their way of life is the best without really ever trying to understand any others. So in short, I dislike people, not religion. (Also a generalization, I like most people, just not the really stupid ones.) As for the suffering thing, yes, we do cause ourselves to suffer. But the fact remains that some suffering isn't our fault. This world is full of it. Predators eat prey. Prey suffers. Fact of life. Life is full of suffering, and I dare say much of it has little to do with religion. If you would like a good study on it, read Guns, Germs, and Steel. Also, to the rest of you guys, religions may cause wars, but science allows us to kill a whole lot better. Remember that before you blame everything on religion.

    And I am not really atheist, but agnostic. So I don't really know if this answer counts but I wanted to answer so I did. Thank you and good night!

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    Don't any of you people ever read the answers when you ask this over and over? I don't hate religion; I don't hate god. I know there is no god, and I think religion is a ridiculous waste of time--like Nascar. I don't hate Nascar; I just don't understand why so many people think it's great. Same with religion, really.

    I find that it's the believers who throw the word "hate" around far more than atheists do. I guess it's all you guys understand because you are filled with so much of it yourself. How sad.

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