How to tell a real stone, e.g. amethyst?

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    Truthfully, there isn't much danger of "fake" amethyst because amethyst is so inexpensive, it is not duplicated as much as other stones.

    But, there are a few good tests if you are worried.

    Hold the amethyst stone to your forehead. You can compare it to a piece of glass. The amethyst will stay cool while the glass will quickly become the temperature of your forehead.

    You could also try scratching it with a substance whose hardness is less than 7.

    But probably, if the stone you have was sold as amethyst and it is not perfectly clear or intensely bright purple and large, there is really no danger of it being fake.

    Some good info below

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  • limmer
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    3 years ago

    Real Amethyst

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    You have to study the subject. Precious and semi-precious stones are made of distinct mineral crystals. All stones are related on a hardness scale. Amethyst is harder than glass, and will scratch it. It is also not flammable (as a plastic imitation would be), and it has a different density than glass. This is all a part of the science of geology, but there are many books on the market for beginners to use in understanding stones and crystals.

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