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Researching 4 a friend: How to find the best price on a MiniVan!?!?!?!?

OK, I have never had to purchase a car before but a friend of mine was in an accident & is pretty jacked up so I'm doing some research for him & his family.

They want to get a MiniVan. Something like a Ford Windstar or a Dodge Caravan.

Pretty much anything between 1995 - Current as long as it is in decent shape. He is a mechanic so after he heals he can take care of maintenance of it himself which is why he has such a wide age range.

Is it as simple as going to Google & typing in "Minivan, Chicago" or do I actually need to know what the hell I am doing?

Is TruckPaper as good as I have heard?

Can you PLEASE give me some tips on searching for the best price on cars such as these?

I am truly clueless but really want to help my friend!!

Thank you very much for any information you can provide!!

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    The Kelley Blue Book has been a long-time resource for anybody buying a new or used automobile.

    It will give you "trade-in" values and a "suggested retail value" from which point you should start the negotiating.

    It will also help you to find all the cars for sale in your area with the reported mileage and price. There is a ton of information there.

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