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What is Long Island, New York like?

Pro's and Con's? Thank you very much.

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    I grew up on Long Island, lived there for nearly 30 years and live in Queens now but here ya go:

    Long Island Pro's : Awesome beaches! The best! Quieter than NYC. The schools, many of which are top notch, Long Island gets their fair share of Westinghouse students. Plus the schools offer so many extra curricular activities. Easy access to NYC and the Hamptons, the Long Island Rail Road runs on the North and South shores and even through the middle of the Island. Long Island has wonderful fishing. Long Island also has quaint towns where you can find little shops to go into. Awesome Parks. The Fire Island National Seashore. Long Island lighthouses. Volunteer fire departments, something has to be said for the guys and girls who risk their lives to help others. Many area's are safe for kids to play in the yards. Yards are a great bonus. Little League, soccer leagues etc. Kids can get involved. I could go on and on.

    Cons: The Long Island Parking Lot, excuse me the Long Island Expressway (L.I.E.)---forgedda bout it. Rush hour traffic is just a pain in the butt. Some areas of the Island are rich, snobby and not so easy to be accepted in. Some towns or areas are a wee bit prejudiced if someone is different from their established norm. They can be very cliquish. Taxes, taxes and more taxes (library budgets, school budgets, the fire department budgets). Long Island is expensive. Poor public transit system. Using the public transportation system is horrible especially in Suffolk County, so a car is an absolute must.

    I lived on Long Island like I said for a long time and I hope to go back there when I start a family but for right now Queens is my home. I LOVE Long Island!

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    Long Island is a very large suburban area with a wide range of towns - they range from some of the richest in the US to some poor areas, from cookie-cutter suburban developments with strip malls to old towns with picturesque Main Streets, from towns that are close to New York to towns that are hours away from the city, from commuter suburbs to beach towns. You really need to know a specific place on Long Island to get a better description.

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    I am just 14 living in Queens but I'll tell you


    Easy to get something to eat

    Great variety of stores

    Best beaches

    Spirit of New York without the hectic overcrowdedness

    Free books for school since I technically live in NYC


    Gay Nassau people with their High Taxes and special stuff they get

    Bad neighborhood

    Muggers (well thats how it is for Queens)

    Dumbass people

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    Lots of Parties

    Great Beaches

    Lots of Space

    Good Schools

    Close to the City



    Need a car

    High Taxes

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    pros--safe, pleasent, lots of trees, good schools, great for famlies, larger properties, country living

    cons-expensive, need a car to go anywhere

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