what are "FRAT BOYS"?

What is a frat boy?

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    Litterally, they are guys who belong to a Fraternity. Fraternity means brotherhood and this organized group usually treat each other as they would a brother, looking out for each other and enjoying each other's company and camaraderie during college.

    Figuratively, the stereotype of a "Frat Boy" is that they are beer swilling party animals (See the movie Animal House or Old School) who go after women while attending college.

    Quite often these Fraternities have a "Frat House" where members may reside while attending college.

    Becoming a member of a fraternity quite often involves some kind of ritual procedure.

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    Frat Boy

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    Frat Guys

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    Some frat guys and pick up artists are alike in that they objectify women. To them, girls are supposed to be "picked up" for dates and, ultimately, sex. Girls are like counts for them to see how many they can talk to, plus how many numbers or facebook adds they can get from girls. They require the art of "pick up" because they lack the personality, true confidence, and masculinity required to attract women. In no way am I taking anything away from their "pick up" skills though. Pickup skills do require practice and talent because you need to be creative and swift with words you choose. That I admit. Frat boys, in general, will attempt to talk only with girls in a given setting and, if they feel up to it, guys who are similar to them. They have never talked to me because I am the polar opposite of them, although they might turn to look at me when I am talking to someone they know. Unless they are on the football team, they most likely do bodybuilding instead of powerlifting.

    I can understand why their egos would feel jealous or repulsed by my presence though. Because between them and me, it's about. Out of all people, frat guys were always most likely to ignore me.

    talk vs. action

    bodybuilding vs. strength

    ********* vs. true confidence

    luxury vs. humble beginning

    wishing vs. doing

    objectification of/lust for women vs. respect for classy women

    I'm not the only one who feels this way. I have heard many other guys say "Eww" when they hear the word "frat." Are there cool and humble frat guys? Sure, I appreciate them. Are there serious frats? Yeap. My problem is people who think they're better than everyone else and take absolutely every opportunity they get to shove that belief on others. Thinking you are badass does not make you one. You actually have to back it up with action and ability.

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    What are "FRAT BOYS"?

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