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Ebay seller will not honor her auction because she wants more money. What can I do?

I bid on her laptop and won but now she says she wants more money.

Ebay doesn't really say what I should do about this. I tryed to file a complaints but I still haven't paid. The seller will not accept my money. Any ideas?

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    Just move on. Inform her that you will not be paying any additional money. She can either sell it to you for the price that was originally accepted or she can forget about it all together. You should be able to right a "customer satisfaction report" (or something like that) on her. Be sure and warn other users about her. Surely there is a link to contact Ebay and tell them about the situation.

    OOOO! Look what I found! "Report a Dispute!"

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    File a dispute. Do it right away though the sellers play a waiting game because they know everything on your ebay accounts disappear in a month. That will generate an alert and force the person to deal with you. Save every conversation on your email or computer, again it will erase off your ebay account..

    But honestly the many times i have been ripped off by sellers Ebay or Paypal is NO HELP.

    Your probably best off telling them you don't want the item. If they are hassling you it will probably will be junk by the time you get it. Better to have not payed out anything, than pay and be stuck with junk.

    Are you paying with a credit card? Ebay may be charging the seller for that. Ebay forces newer sellers to accept creditcard payments. Then they force the seller to change accounts to accept the payment. This new account then charges a fee each time the seller accepts a payment. Just F.Y.I.

    Most people on ebay are good people, but lately it has gotten very dangerous. I have recieved some of the worst junk you can imagine and seller or ebay just give you the run-around. Including a broken laptop. So when you send money your probably going to just take what you get. There is risk involved. These sellers are good and know all the rules and how to play them. Ebay will back up their high volume costomers. That is where the money is.

    Your next step would be to give them a (-) feedback. But beware usually then they turn around and give you one. It takes more disputing to get that removed. Although Ebay did just change some rules and i'm not sure the details but i think only one side can leave feedback now.

    I sure hope it works out for you, a laptop is alot of money. Ebay started out being such a neat place for average people to exchange cool stuff. I met so many nice people. It is all about money now, so BUYER BE WARE.

    Best wishes to you.

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    its a legally binding contract when you sell and buy an itme from ebay just look when you go through the check out! the seller should have set a higher reservr contact the ebay dispute center as well as the seller let him/her know that they have entered a legally binding contract that you don not wish to withdraw from and that he has to send it to you, however there is nothing you can really do to force him to send it to you, ebay will prob cancel the sellers account and you can leave neg/feedback for the seller explaining the situation

    good luck and i hope it works in your favour

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    The Seller is being unreasonable, for sure. You are abiding by the contract, whilst she is attempting to shake you down for more funds, when she agreed beforehand, to accept the winning bid amount.

    If the people at eBay won't help, just send them a note, saying you are not obligated to cave in to her demand and will not pay for the item. They can't reasonably fault you, for that. It's not your fault or problem, that the Seller failed to allow for a reserve bid amount.

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  • Relax, you can't make her do the right thing. Ebay will investigate the matter, after you have reported her, and if she doesn't abide by their terms of the auction, then she will be barred from using the service, and you will get the opportunity to expose her tactics to the world by leaving her a negative feedback.

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    you can report the seller and leave negative feedback but nobody can force the seller to send the item to you.

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    Do not pay until this is straightened out. She is going against the rules.

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