SURVEY - Popular, Uncommon or Unique names - does your name list reflect this?

I used to tell people I preferred UNIQUE names, until I realise that meant really unusual names (eg. Nevandoleah, which I just made up).

I now tell people I prefer UNCOMMON names, which means, names people have heard of, but aren't too common (eg Matteo).

Then there are the POPULAR names (eg John, Matthew), which I tell people I wouldn't choose, because I want my child to be the only one in the class with that name.

BUT then I looked at my current "favourite names" list, and was surprised to realise that around HALF of my favourite names are popular names -

MALE ~ Jack, Daniel, Marco, Fifield ("fy-field"), Sebastian, Ianto ("yahn-tow")

FEMALE ~ Catalina, Ana, Eva, Katie

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So my question is; what's YOUR current "fave names" list, and does it reflect your general taste in names? YOUR name popular, uncommon or unique? I'd be interested to see if people are choosing names that match their own name in popularity, or if they're rebelling against it!


TInkerpanda, I understand what you mean, but the names you mentioned in my opinion, are very uncommon. For example, I've never heard of a Makenzie being born in the UK. It's the latest craze in the US perhaps, but for me, it's still very uncommon. Just goes to show how interpretation can differ

Update 2:

so_cole - Bo is one of my favourite names, but I prefer the spelling Beau, even though that's the boy's version. But someone in my family already used the name, so I've left it now :(

Update 3:

LOL, Bailee, I would consider all of your names uncommon, since they're not used in the UK. Except James, which seems to be a national favourite.

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    Well, I don't have a "fave names" list, but I do have an interest in names :)

    I wouldn't have a problem with names that appear in the top ten or whatever, it doesn't bother me whether names are popular or not.

    I'm Irish and live in Ireland and instead of popularity, it is more important to me that the names are Irish. I wouldn't say it's a patriotic thing or anything, just that I like Irish names and like the sound of them. i love names like fionn, niamh, caoimhe etc. i also like looking at more uncommon Irish names, though I don't know if I would ever actually use them.

    My own name is Irish, Aoife, and so are both my sister's and my brother's, so maybe that influences me. My name is quite common in Ireland. i think it has been in the top 5 baby names since 1998 or something and that doesn't bother me.

    Btw, all this is just based on my interest in names. I'm not pregnant or planning or anything

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    Depending on locale, uncommon names can suddenly become common. Checking national lists won't help; you'd really need to check with your local board of health or something to find out what's happening in your area.

    That still won't be a life-long guarantee. You might move and find the uncommon name in Vermont is oh-so-common in California.

    Many moons ago, I worked in a daycare center. Preparing to enroll her child after moving to NE Indiana, one woman spoke at length about the effort she had made to ensure that her child had an uncommon name. She removed the child from the class when she discovered there were 8 other Adams in the class!

    Uncommon is fine but there are other considerations.

    1) Will the name grow with the child?

    Gemini sounds cute for a child but doesn't quite make it for a doctor or other professional. I don't think I'd trust a CPA with that name.

    2) Will the name cause spelling and/or pronunciation grief?

    Yiorgos is the Greek version of George. It's a solid name but here in the States, it could cause some problems. Most people get used to uncommon names but there are always some that never get over it.

    3) Are you choosing the name because it's uncommon or because you really like it?

    If it's the first, that's rather pretentious and could spill over into your parenting. If it's the latter, more power to you!

  • My girl name list is uncommon, my boy name list is pretty popular. My name is in the mid 100s now and was in the top 50 the year I was born. I was never uncomfortable with my name's popularity - in fact, I've always loved my name and nickname. My name is very feminine and my nickname is boyish. I love the versatility. When choosing baby names I didn't have any guideline. I liked the name Ethan. I was unnerved at its popularity, but went with it regardless because in the end, I really, really liked it. It's familiar, classic, traditional. While its height on the list (number 4 the year he was born, number 3 last year) suggest trendiness, it's not - IMO - a trendy name. We almost were prepared to name our son Calvin, but I backed out. A little too out there

    for me. We got a lot of "Ohhh-hh"s from people. So I took that as a sign that my son would get that same reaction and I decided to go with a standard. And I really loved the name Ethan much more than Calvin, so it was all right with me.

    Current List for Future










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    Very interesting question. I've always classed my taste as "classic", ranging from uncommon to popular choices

    Girls: Iris, Lila, Ivy, Eliza, Rose, Matilda

    Boys: Matthias, Ezra, Dylan, Noah, Elijah, Emrys (EM riss)

    The girls' names are uncommon in my area, I've never met anyone with these names except maybe Rose on an older woman. With the exception of Dylan and Noah, the boys' names are uncommon too.

    My name is popular at the moment, a little trashy, and often misspelt by parents trying to be "unique". It's not a classic and is likely to feel very dated eventually. I think for this reason, I lean towards more timeless and sophisticated names.

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    It's ironic. What people THINk are popular names are often different than what are actual popular names.

    People THINK Mary and Jane are 'popular' names. But in reality they're not half as common as Ava, Madison, Sophie/Sophia, Isabella, Mackenzie, Ava, Olivia, Hailey, Taylor and Addison. They think they're being really unique using those names (or the 'ayden' variety of names) but in reality those kids may have upwards of 3 or 4 kids in their kindergarden class with the same name (possibly not even of the same gender).

    I thought Chloe was more uncommon. Then I looked at the top 100 baby names of 2006. It's in the top 25 I think. As is my name, which, ironically, I've only met one other person with my name.

    My general taste are more ... retro names. I tend to like very simple, classic names. Ruby, Claire, Nora, Eleanor, Mary, Grace, Carina, Lily or Lyla, Violet. I like quite a few names, actually. I like feminine names - as a rule, I don't really like the unisex, trendy names that are so popular now.

    For Boy's I tend to like Irish-y-inspired names (Larkin, Liam, Rogan, Ryan, etc). Of course. Not being even slightly Irish what I consider Irish and what real people from Ireland think ... probably pretty damn different. And, again, some 'older' names like Caleb and Gavin. I have a harder time with dude names. I change favourites every 2 minutes, I swear.

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    My favorite male names at the moment: Cameron, Blaine, Damian, Terry, Blaze/Blaise, Neil, Samuel, Walker, Presley, Corey, Travis and Jay.

    My favorite female names at the moment: Simona, Bo, Raegan/Reagan, Raven, Dani, Jimmy, Blair, Deirdre, Beatrix, Zira and Chitza.

    In general people don't really like the same names I do, like Blaine, Blaze/Blaise, Bo, Zira, Chitza, Jimmy for a girl and so on. It might be because I'm of Finnish/German heritage: I think some names sound different in my ear because I'm not a native speaker.

    And my name is Elina. It's uncommon (unique even?) in the US but popular in Finland (where I was born).

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    my name is Sarah which was when I was born and continues to be very common I dont mind that but i will use less common names for my children Im nine weeks pregnant and have the names Harper for a boy and Maeva (apparently common in France)for a girl picked but its quite possible that will change over the next 7 months

    By the way Mackenzie is very common in australia(where I live)

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    i actually love a combination of names.the uncommon ones,the popular or more classic styles as well.what i hate is stupid made up,misspelled names that are given to the wrong sex.HARRY should always be a boy!!! PARKER is a boys name!! RYAN is a boys name!!!

    CASSIE is a girls name!!!! MARY is a girls name!!!

    STEPHANIE is a girls name!!!

    please use common sense when naming children and remember what you think is a cute unique name for a little baby may not be so cute or great when this person is in school or dating or middle aged or old!!! people are only babies for a short period of time,there names need to be fitting for a grown up man or woman.that is why kids sometimes get little nick names when they are young.then when they are older they shed it like a old skin and are ready for their much more distinguished adult name!!!!

    also please do not make up names,generally they just look and sound tacky!!!! and don't combine your name and the fathers name its just so 1960s already!!!!keep it real!!!! kids deserve better than that,save the crazy made up misspelled names for your pets,they wont care and it will not affect their ability to get a job,a loan,a apartment or into a fine college or even their credit scores.also keep it simple only one middle name two or more is just low class and phony!!!! good luck!!!!!

    Source(s): COMMON SENSE
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    I like eclectic classic names, eclectic traditional names, or older traditional names for the most part (and I tend to like some Gaelic and Hebrew names for boys and a few Welsh names for girls).

    Some of my favorites for girls:
































    Some of my favorites for boys:







    Archer (Archie)






















    My name is becoming more popular now, but was basically unheard of when I was a child (Eden).

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    My name, which is Marcia (Mar-sha) is uncommon, at least among people my age. I have only met one girl who has the same name as me and she goes by Marci.

    For my favorite name list, I think it reflects the more uncommon side. I didn't mind having an uncommon name, but i did mind having my name mispronounced, followed by "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia", thanks to the Brady Bunch. So hopefully my names won't cause too much reticule for my future children and hopefully everytime someone reads their name its not said wrong. But anyway, here they are:

    Female: Cecilia, Yvaine

    Male: Everett, Desmond

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