GOP using domestic drilling as their latest deceitful wedge issue?

Back story: America's oil companies have been trying to get the green light to drill in America's public lands for decades. What's new is the way that they are currently cynically tapping into the leverage of naive public sentiment in order to try to gain this dream come true for them.

Of course the GOP leadership realizes -- with access to the most expert industry analysts -- that once the US oil companies have been charging over $4 for a gallon of gasoline, the price of gas will never come down. Their hope is that the Bubba vote will not connect those dots. And it seems to be gaining some traction, at least on these boards.

But make no mistake -- drilling in currently restricted areas will never and in no wise lower the price of gas at the pump. The oil companies are all about maximized profit -- and letting the GOP do their lying for them -- period.

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    You are SOOOOO correct, but the GOP touters of drilling everything in sight in sensitive areas know just how STUPID the AmeriKan people are and I think they are causing this supposed "national disaster" to give the Oil companies what they want... they have ALREADY given the OIL COMPANIES the one thing they REALLY wanted (other than Iran)... they have traded 4113 AmeriKan LIVES for barrels of OIL in this WAR FOR OIL

    What they DON'T tell the gullible AmeriKan public is... ALL THE OFFSHORE DRILLING RIGS ARE IN USE... even if they DID get the go ahead to drill the gulf, there are NO RIGS AVAILABLE... It takes about 2 YEARS to build a new rig and the few companies that actually BUILD drilling rigs are still in the process of replacing the rigs lost during Katrina.

    If anyone want's to know how frantically they are building drilling rigs, they only need to take the road from Aransas Pass down to Ingleside and they will see that forest of drilling rig legs... and those rigs were just started about 6 months ago, so they are at least a year and a half from being ready to drill.

    The GOP also talks about AmeriKan jobs going "overseas" but they never tell the gullible AmeriKan people about those HUGE Mercaroros in Mexico, just a couple of miles from the border, where there are at least FIVE HUGE INDUSTRIAL PARKS... about 40 SQUARE MILES EACH where EVERY fortune 500 company has their manufacturing facility.... nope... they never TELL the gullible AmeriKans about those Mexican factories... they talk about "Overseas"... as in India and Asia... and the last time I looked, you don't have to GO OVERSEAS to get to MEXICO.

    Why do you think that idiot President Bush want's to give Mexico $1,500,000,000 DOLLARS for "Border Security"?... it has more to do with providing security for the AmeriKan companies that are using Mexicans to work AmeriKan jobs at their AmeriKan factories based in MEXICO... and that is something ELSE they don't tell the gullible AmeriKan people

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    "...But make no mistake -- drilling in currently restricted areas will never and in no wise lower the price of gas at the pump. The oil companies are all about maximized profit -- and letting the GOP do their lying for them -- period."

    You make that statement without even an attempt to back it up. How can having more oil NOT affect the price of oil? There are a number of reasons it will. OPEC has historically lowered prices when the US threatened to seriously explore alternatives (Ref: Jimmy Carter and synthetic oil). Oil speculation, while not the only factor, is driven by accessibility. More oil=accessibility.

    And while, just the mere beginning to drill may marginally affect prices, does that mean we shouldn't do it?? Of course not. If you DIDN'T do something because you wouldn't see the benefit for quite awhile, why get out of bed? Why go to school? Why go to work in the hopes of progressing up the corporate ladder? Why even date someone you'd like to marry? There are any number of things in the world that are worth doing... even if you don't see the benefits for years to come.

    And while we will, hopefully, find other alternative fuels, they will not be in place with a supportive infrastructure for years to come either (Gee, maybe we shouldn't try if it is going to take awhile!). And it is highly unlikely that even the best alternative fuel will ever TOTALLY replace oil.

    Your argument is ridiculous.

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    1 decade ago

    The oil companies do not set the price of gas and, from the price of gas 4% goes to oil companies, 12% goes to the govt. There are several reasons why the cost of gas is so high. Tight supply and demand is the main reason so of course increasing supply will help bring down prices.

    "The price of crude oil may be moving up, but that doesn't necessarily translate to increased profits for energy companies. Oil company shares, in fact, are moving lower with the broad stock market, as weak economic data is battering the energy sector.

    The Amex Oil Index (AMEX: XOI) has fallen 10.3% this year while shares of Dow Jones Industrial Average components Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM) and Chevron (NYSE: CVX) have dipped 8.2% and 7.1%, respectively. The Dow is off 8.7% year-to-date.

    It's not just spillover from a sour equities market hitting oil companies. The rise in crude prices is also compressing profit margins. The "crack spread" - the gross profit available to a refiner from processing oil into its primary distillates, gasoline and heating oil - has declined for the fifth straight week."

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    1 decade ago

    Apparently the name "barrack" means "ostrich with head in the sand".

    I realize most dems are closet socialists, but prices are set by supply and demand. Even if it took 8-10 years to realize the full benefit of increased domestic oil production, in today's global 24 hour news cycle, just the televivion images in the middle east of the USA drilling and pumping it's own oil would reduce the price.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If the radical environmentalists had it their way, we'd be the Flintstones.

    Obama is right, we need to focus on new technoology and make it as big a priority as the space program was.

    McCain is also right. Until we have more of our own oil to rely on, we make no progress.

    Let's stop talking,start drilling and put forth a serious effort into alternative energy sources, or we will still be talking about this 10 years from now with even less natural resources and no progress on alternative energy.

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    1 decade ago

    Actually what blows me away are all the parrots who have never done their research.

    The largest recent find is in Montana. It is called the Bakken Formation. Unfortunately it is only 25% extractable no matter what technology you have.

    It will also cost $70 a barrel at the well head.

    (it is a shale oil deposit, even with horizintal drilling it is bad)

    IE. 1/2 a barrel of oil at today's market price would be spent getting one barrel of oil out of the ground.

    Next comes transporting it, refining it and distributing it.

    Notice that I would really prefer to avoid talking about the cost of oil in dollars and would rather talk about it in the oil cost.

    Once you get to where it costs you a barrel of oil to get a barrel of oil drilling is a bit pointless.

    They figured out the cost in oil of extracting the inshore oil deposits 40 years ago.

    It does not matter what the price per barrel was then or is now.

    They worked it out in how many barrels down the hole to get one barrel up the hole.

    It would cost more in oil to extract those deposits than they are worth in oil.

    The ANWR is all open except for the coastal plain.

    Nobody is eager to invest there even if it was open.

    They do know exactly how much oil and gas is in there.

    The only way they are willing to drill it is royalty free, with the drilling programs fully funded by the government, and a government supplied pipeline to ship it through.

    That should tell you something.

    Right now everybody is running around like junkies trying to find a fix.

  • 5 years ago

    Personally I would vote against abortion if it was on the ballot. I believe it is immoral, but when will we realize we cannot legislate morality.The Congress certainly cannot claim to be moral. The President cannot require morality.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, if the country is too afraid to try, and drilling never happens, you can't be proven wrong, can you?

    Suppose it's not about lowering gas prices to me? Suppose it's about funding our enemies? Suppose I resent the money going to OPEC more than EXXON?

    Of course, not wanting to fund my enemies that have expressed desires to do us harm is un-American, isn't it?

    Let OPEC eat sand!

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    i would think youd be on the other side of this argument...this is truly suprising. if domestic oil is produced at less cost, the pelosi/reid regime could tax it more. your question has no answer as your premise is false. now it couldnt be cause it would lessen our dependence on foriegn oil could it....naaahhhhh....

  • 1 decade ago

    BHO doesn't want American Oil he wants to make his Muslim brothers richer than they are

    Don't blame the GOP

    Fat *** Gore was in office for * years with Slick Willy and they done Nothing to get us off Oil

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