Why do some Indians follow Western culture, but look down on India?

when I went to school in Bangalore, I had a group of guys and girls as my classmates who were very different from the rest of the class. They used to speak only in English, that too in a very posh accent & they used to dress up in very expensive western clothes, listen only to western music and watch only English movies.

As if that wasn't bad enough, they hated Indian music (Bollywood or Kannada songs) and they would never watch any Indian movie. What is even worse is that they used to alienate and mock people who wanted to be friends with them but couldn't speak good English or follow Western culture like them.

I always wonder how can some Indian people be like that? Why do they suck-up to foreign culture, but think low of our Indian culture & worse even hate Indian people who aren't like them? Don't they realize that the western people whom they look up to, actually don't care about who they are or how they are different from the rest of us?

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    Well..totally agree with u however, we cannot stop someone from doin or, following something. Moreover, nor do they right to alienate some culture which they do not follow & mock people at the same time. This is totally non-sense & un-democratic.

    Word of advise - teach them a lesson by planning a prank to make them realise they are residing in India & we respect not only our culture but, others as well. This way....they would definately understand the word 'RESPECT'.

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    They follow western culture because,that is how they were brought up,with a western culture.The music that they like is probably what they have heard since childhood.I lived in Japan for many years and hated Japanese popular music.I lived in HongKong for may years too and detested Cantopops.I looked down on it because it was so inferior to the real thing.If you have ever watched Chinese movies,you will see just how bad they are,trashy films that are a copy of trashy Western ones.

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    japanese,chinese and koreans do that too and there everybody follows western culture even though they got a nice culture .it's called cultural upgradation.like we upgrade our os in pc to make it advanced.those ppl there who have advanced hate backward ppl.probably they like the western lifestyle.be like your east asian counterparts rather than your middle-eastern counterparts.middle easterners got oil to keep them rich.if you look deep into your history you'll come to know that majority of indians don't accept new things and ideas easily and that's the main reason why they were easily colonised by britishers.if they had done what japanese did then they too would have become an advanced country like japan.westernisation is necessary for a country to develop.the more followers of western culture ,the more the country will advance.too bad indians still wanna be with their stone age culture.it's like using windows 95 in 2020.you too should try to be more open minded and then you'll understand them better..then you'll think about improving your lifestyle more and try to leave the filty place for a better lifestyle.what is there in indian culture?sex starving ppl,asexulal weak women who lick their husbands *** no matter how much he abuses her ,corroupt politicians,bad filty roads and narrow-minded ppl who can't stand someone who wants to do something new.t

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    Indians lived in subjugation for more than two hundred years. The concept of 'one India' envisaged in Vedas and Puranas remains in our minds and eventhough India came to be ruled by many kings, this cultural ethos had an impact in everyone of us. When the Whites ruled us, we had a sort of adoration towards them and we preferred to remain obedient servants. Of course we were eager in those days to emulate many of their characters . An entirely different culture happened to merge with the European culture. A man in European attire got recognition everywhere including public places. Slowly we, the elites preferred to be like them not only in appearance, but also in our way of life. On and on we forgot what their qualities were, and now we follow only the vices of those people! European style has recognition all over the world. That is another factor. U.K.atiyodi, Kandangali, India 670333

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    They are very rich upper-class people, spoilt by their parents who may have lived abroad and felt uncomfortable living in India. An you are right the western people don't care about how western and modern they may be, in their eyes they and we are all dark-skinned asians living in a third-world country. They may be watching western movies and following western music, but the reality is that it is these westerners who are playing with their minds and exploiting them to make more money out of their pockets (foreign music or movies always have taxes and extra duty that make them very expensive, but these fools are more than ready to blow their money on that sort of stuff), this is how westerners are getting richer and richer while India is still remaining as an average economy unable to catch up with the west.

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    I am not Indian, but feel compelled to answer as an Amerikan with a strong interest and fondness for Indian culture. My deepest desire is to visit India one day. First, I believe those who shun their rich Indian culture are sadly taken in by the empty glitz of Western materialism and our lack of appreciation for heritage. I view my own country as severely deficient in concern for humanity on a larger scale. One only has to look at the work of people like Dr. Vandana Shiva to recognise the mindset that will save this planet from ultimate destruction.

    I think the classmates of whom you speak are not wise enough to realize they are being brainwashed by Western culture of shallow materialism, just as the majority of my countrymen arrogantly believe our way of life is somehow "better" than that of countries like India, where ancient wisdom and customs have actually provided the basis for Western "success".

    I think those who sacrifice appreciation for and continuation of native customs and language of the rich Indian culture are more to be pitied than envied. They are the ones with less, not more. A simple analogy I can make is they are more impressed by something artificial than that which is real. Unfortunately, to many, the grass looks greener in the other person's yard..

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    1 decade ago

    I think the reason the majority of reasons who resent indian culture, resent it is because indian culture seems to be really uptight about things... like the whole arranged marriage, and strict dating preferences... and the severe punishments for not comforming to what their parents want them to be... Western culture is seen as more liberating and people always chase after the money. This is why in the states black are despised by non-africans, it's because they live in smaller houses and dwell in poorer neighborhoods.

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    I would suggest you write an articulate paragraph for your teacher explaining that these supposed "contributions" were often not freely made contributions at all, as the use of the word "contribution" suggests, but were actually the result of western explorers, pirates, colonizers and imperialists invading non-western places and plundering whatever took their fancy from local cultures. That's not "making a contribution", that's stealing.

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    6 years ago

    They are boot-lickers of arrogant British and other Western Rich people. Let them lick their boots while rest of us can keep our Indian values High and live like kings without bowing before anyone.

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    1 decade ago

    excellent question... in fact, i think it depends a lot on the upbringing of the children and their parents' attitudes towards their lifestyle... usually, lavish, rich ppl often dont spend enuf time with kids, so kids are only spoilt with money and all comforts, they are often unaware of the hardships of life in india... due to their monetary power, they tend to think they are superior to indian ppl/ stuff in a large way, which as we proud indians know, is totally bogus... where parents are patriotic or atleast respect their country and spend time with children talking to them about india or even watching indian movies/ channels in their presence, kids are def likely to be more desi/ indian at heart... sadly, this is not the case in most megacities like mumbai, delhi, bangalore...

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