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What branch of engineering do people who make and design nuclear weapons study???

Nuclear wepons as in missiles and bombs?

Just wondering...

Is it military engineering?

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    Design of the weapon system and the warhead itself are two entirely different disciplines. Forget about "bombs" as nobody uses them anymore, unless you're talking about small demolition devices, i.e. "backpack nukes". All we use are in missile form, like ICBMs, SLBMs, and ALCMs.

    Aeronautical, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Computer, Software and other Engineers design the things that fly and their guidance systems.

    Nuclear Physicists at Sandia, Los Alamos, and other DoE labs design the workings and specify the material requirements for the part that goes "Boom!"

    Source(s): Prior-military service.
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    Some schools have a nuclear engineering degree (in fact, some have entire departments dedicated to it).

    I bet it's usually more of a physics degree than an engineering degree, but I can't claim to know anything about it.

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