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Gretel asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 1 decade ago

My lil sis is almost finished with a series what should she read next?

She is almost finished with the spiderwick series.What should she read next.Tell me the tittle and what it is about.

She likes fantasy and the Romona books.She is going to 5th grade what should she read particularly a series.A longer book she finishes two spiderwick books per day so keep them long.Thank you for answering.


by the way she hates series of unfortunate events,artemis fowl and goosebumps.

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    My Not-So-Terrible Time at the Hippie Hotel - Rosemary Graham

    The Fallen - Thomas E. Sniegoski

    Criss Cross - Lynne Rae Perkins

    Kristy's Great Idea - Ann M Martin

    Premonitions - Jude Watson See

    Poseidon's Peak - Rob Kidd

    Swindle - Gordon Korman

    So You Want to be President? Revised and Updated Edition - Judith St. George

    Emily's Runaway Imagination - Beverly Cleary

    The Year of the Dog - Grace Lin

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    4 years ago

    You Should So Read The Twilight-esque Books That Stephanie Meyer Wrote Entirely In The Point Of View Of One Character, I Can't Think Of What They're Called, lol, But They're All Basically The Twilight Series But Written Soley In A Certain Characters Perspective, The Best One I Think Is The One Written Entirely In Edwards Point of View, lol

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    1 decade ago

    Ooh, I have the perfect books for her. There's 5 in the main series, but now there's 7 I think, with an 8th and final book still to be released. They're the Charlie Bone series, or also called The Children of the Red King series by Jenny Nimmo. They go:

    1. Midnight for Charlie Bone

    2. The Time Twister

    3. Charlie Bone and The Blue Boa / Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy

    4. The Castle of Mirrors

    5. Charlie Bone and the Hidden King

    6. Charlie Bone and the Wilderness Wolf

    7. Charlie Bone and the Shadow of Badlock

    8. Charlie Bone and the Red Knight

    They're about a boy called Charlie Bone who finds out he is endowed with a special power. He gets sent to a school that has a lot of children with special powers (all different). They're really exciting!! They're aimed for younger people, but I'm 21 and love them anyway :-)

    I definitely recommend them for anyone, especially someone who loves Fantasy novels!!

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    These are not fantasy books but they were absolutely my favorite when I was in elementary school. A series of mysteries about a heroine named Judy Bolton.

    The Nancy Drew detective story series was very popular at the time but I thought Nancy Drew was too fancy and too rich to relate to. Judy Bolton was a regular girl like me. And I thought she was smarter and solved cases faster than Nancy Drew.

    The series was out of print for awhile but I heard a few years ago that the originals were being re-published. They will probably be very old fashioned to your sister in regard to the way people lived because they were published from 1932 to 1967, but the mysteries will still be just as exciting.

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    Have you heard of Keys To The Kingdom, by Garth Nix? It's a little strange, but it's a good storyline, their are/will be 7 books with a good amount of pages. I was reading them at about your sister's age. I enjoyed them very much. It's about a boy that discovers another world, and somehow it's apparent that he's the one to save it...

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    Have you ever heard of Kit Pearson? She's a Canadian author, and at your sisters age I loved her books- in fact I still do (and she has a new one out, yay!)! She's really talented, in fact she visted my friend's Childrens Lit class a few weeks ago, and was very inspiring.

    Oh! And what about the Laura Ingalls books? You know, Little House? I read those at about her age and I found them so neat!

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    The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest etc.)

    Summary: Basically, Eragon is a normal boy living in a village until he finds a stone. It hatches and it's a dragon. The rest is about all the battles and things that he faces.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This website will make perfect suggestions based on what you have read.

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