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HoW tO sTaRt A sPeEcH !【 急 ! 急 】!

我學校要我寫一個speech 關於 " My Favourite Subject " ,, 我右唔知點開始 wo.. 右唔知應該點寫中間d 野 wo... 所以.....

m (- -) m 請大家幫幫忙 m ( - - ) m

( 大家可以寫TiPs 嫁)


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    Let me tell you the struture first, first greet to the listeners!

    Then, have a short in trouduction,

    After that, say what subject you like and the reason you like,

    At last thanks the listeners attention!


    HI! Good morning, My name is xxx! In school, we have been through

    different subjects in primary /secondary school, such as Chinese, English, Art.

    Chinese a lesson to let us learn the culture of China, General studies , a lesson to let me see more in the society.Although both of them are great, but I still

    like Mathematic as my favourite subject more. Math is not only a way to

    train your brain, also a way to teach you to think more. From a question, you

    may not only find answer in it, also the skills and you may also find more

    formulas to do it!

    At last, I need to mention, although I like Maths, but I will still try my best

    to learn other subjects!

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    thanks for your attention(bow)!

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    BE polite all the times

    Stand straght

    Be confident

    Look at the teachers

    Don't always look at the paper

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    Try t find more reason

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    Actually what is your favourite subject!

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    Good morning/afternoon, teachers and classmates.

    Today, I am talking about my favourite subject. In school, we study so many subjects such as Chinese, English, Maths, Science, History, Art and Music... I like Art very much. It is because I am a creative person. I like drawing and painting very much. When I was a primary student, I always won the drawing competition. I like drawing about the colourful things such as the nature and sea creatures.

    I can learn more about how to make new ideas from this subject. On the other hands, I want to be an artist when I grow up. I want to work in an art of design company. I think I can be a good artist in the future.

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