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Arkwan asked in 科學及數學化學 · 1 decade ago

H2 gas是甚麼物質?

H2 gas是甚麼物質?

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    Atomic Number: 1

    Symbol: H

    Atomic weight: 1.0079

    Discovery: Cavendish, 1766. Hydrogen was prepared for many years before it was recognized as a distinct element.

    Electron Configuration: 1s1

    Word Origin: Greek: hydro, water; genes, forming Named by Lavoisier.

    Isotopes: Protium (0 neutrons), Deuterium (1 neutron), and Tritium (2 neutrons)

    Ground level: 2S1/2

    Ionization potential: 13.5984 ev

    Physical form: Colorless gas

    Melting point: -259.2°C

    Boiling point: -252.762°C

    Critical temperature: -240.18°C

    Density: 0.082 g/L

  • Yeung
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    flammable gas

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