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請幫我翻譯”In the Zoo”這篇英文文章?(後段半)

We loved him, and we loved his monkeys to exactly the same degree and in exactly the same way; they were husbands and fathers and brothers, these little, ugly, dark, secret men who minded their own business and let us mind ours.

If we stuck our fingers through the bars of the cage, the monkeys would sometimes take them in their tight, tiny hands and look into our faces with a tentative, somehow absent-minded sorrow, as if they terribly regretted that they could not place us but were glad to see us all the same.

Mr. Murphy, playing a solitaire game of cards called “once in a blue moon” on a kitchen table in his back yard beside the pens, would occasionally look up and blink his beautiful blue eyes and say, “You’re peaches to make over my wee friends.

I love you for it.”

There was nothing demanding in his voice, and nothing sticky; on his lips the word ”love” was jocose and forthright, it had no strings attached.

We would sit on either side of him and watch him regiment his ranks of cards and stop to drink as deeply as if he were dying of thirst and wave to his animals and say to them, “Yes, lads, you’re dandies.”

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    我們愛他, 並且我們確切地確切地愛他的猴子對同樣程度和用同樣方式; 他們是丈夫和父親和兄弟, 這一點, 介意他們自己的事務和讓我們介意我們的醜惡, 黑暗, 秘密人。如果我們黏附了我們的手指通過籠子的酒吧, 猴子有時會需要他們在他們緊, 微小的手和神色入我們的面孔以試探性, 以某種方法丟三落四的哀痛, 好像他們後悔他們不能安置我們但非常高興看我們所有同樣。墨菲先生, 演奏卡片solitaire 賽好久叫"" 在廚房用桌在他的後院在筆旁邊, 偶爾地會查找並且眨眼睛他美好的藍眼睛和言, "您是桃子做在我的極小朋友。我愛你為它。" 有□什麼要求由他的聲音, 和□什麼稠黏; 在他的嘴唇詞"愛" 是詼諧的並且直率, 它沒有安排串附上。我們作為深深地會坐在任何一方他和會觀看他軍團卡片他的等級和會停下來喝好像他死於乾渴和揮動對他的動物和對他們說, "是, 小伙子, 您是dandies 。"


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    我全部幫你翻譯了 ~ 以下

    我們愛他,而且我們達到完全相同的程度和以完全相同的方式愛他的猴子; 他們是丈夫和父親和兄弟,這些小、醜陋、以及黑暗又秘密的男人有意的他們自己的生意而且讓我們介意我們的。


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