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My iChat won't save my password.?

When I log in iChat I type in my password. Then, a screen pops up and asks for my password again and I check "save password in my keychain". When I log off and then sign on again, it asks me for my password. How can I get it to save the password like it used to.

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  • Elbert
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    Maybe the iChat Preference files are corrupt. Move them from the Home > Library > Preferences folder to the Desktop, logout and back into your account. Reset iChat Preferences to your liking and try it again. If that doesn't work, something might be wrong with your account. To find out, create a test account (name it test w/test as the password) in System Preferences > Accounts, log in to the test account, setup iChat and try it. If iChat works, then there is something wrong with your original account that you need to find and fix. If iChat is still the same, then it's a system wide problem. Either way run basic OS X troubleshooting to fix it. 99.9% of OS X problems can be easily fixed without a new install of OS X.

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