What are the correct trivia answers for US 99.5 for Sunday June 29,2008?


Spiral Frog Trivia Over 1,500,000 songs & 6,000 videos for you at Spiral Frog! For 2500 Points: Under This Week's New Releases, what is the name of Keith Urban's CD? - You Look Good In My Shirt


Yahoo HotJobs Trivia Search Now. Get Hired For 2500 Points: Under Career Tools, who wrote "5 Lifestyle Activities that can Get You Fired"? - Larry Buhl


Update 2:

Champions The New York Yankees played their first game in Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on April 18, 1923 in front of nearly 75 thousand fans. The "Bronx Bombers" won their first game in this stadium on that day with a final score of 4 to 1. What team did they play?(Enter in the LETTER of the corresponding answer) - b)Boston Red Sox,Country Music Trivia Willie Nelson's earliest self-released recordings were made in: (Enter in the LETTER of the corresponding answer) - a)Washington state,Extraordinary In the summer of 1898, Caleb D. Bradman, a pharmacist, created a soft drink. Customers in his pharmacy in New Bern, NC, liked it and called it "Brad's Drink." Bradham changed the name as its popularity grew and in 1903 the new name was a registered trademark which it is still called today. What is this soda's name?(Enter in the LETTER of the corresponding answer) - b)Pepsi

Update 3:

Famous Firsts On May 29, 1953, Mt. Everest, the world's tallest mountain was conquered by two men from New Zealand. Tenzing Norgay was one of the men. Who was the other?(Enter in the LETTER of the corresponding answer) - b)Edmund Hillary

Villains of the Silver Screen In Kill Bill, Vol. I, there is not a shortage of villains because, The Bride (Uma Thurman), is after an entire gang of assassins who killed her husband and have lead her to believe that her baby was killed too. What is the name of the first of the gang's assassins that The Bride comes to visit for revenge? (Enter in the LETTER of the corresponding answer) - b)Vernitia Green

Previous trivia answers for Saturday June 28,2008 - Champions Previous Answer: b) Michigan v. Stanford FYI:The original title of the game was called the "Tournament East-West football game.",Country Music Trivia Previous Answer:Elvis Presley,

Update 4:

Previous trivia answers for Saturday June 28,2008(continued Part 2) - Previous Answer: Extraordinary a) a bellFYI: Franklin's 1752 experiment was explained by Franklin in an October issued of the Pennsylvania Gazette.,Famous Firsts Previous Answer: c) Dayton Triangles.FYI: The Triangles beat the Panhandles 14 to 0.,Villains of the Silver Screen Previous Answer: c) John Doe FYI: The last sin was envy that John Doe confesses himself to be of Det. David Mills.

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    Good Morning crazijim and musiclover you both need to get more sleep! Have a great day!

    Champions: B) Boston Red Sox

    Country Music Trivia: A) Washington State

    Extraordinary: B) Pepsi

    Famous Firsts: B) Sir Edmund Hillary

    Spiral Frog: You Look Good In My Shirt

    Villains of the Silver Screen: B) Vernitia Green

    Hot Jobs Trivia: Larry Buhl

    Source(s): worked on radio site!
  • czar59
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    1 decade ago

    Champions:b)Boston Red Sox

    Country Music:a)Washington state

    Extraordinary: b)Pepsi

    Famous Firsts: b)Edmund Hillary

    Sleuth: (none)

    Spiral Frog: You Look Good In My Shirt

    Villains of the Silver Screen: b)Vernitia Green

    Yahoo Hot Jobs: Larry Buhl

  • 4 years ago

    Champions:a)A fan united states of america music: a)British Invasion rock communities marvelous: a)$a million.25 ordinary Firsts: b)1913 Sleuth: (not yet) Spiral Frog: immediately in music Villains of the Silver show: b)3 men and a toddler Yahoo warm Jobs: Tom Musbach Artist: Rodney Atkins Dean's: Nascar: Tony Stewart Taylor speedy: Have a super day everybody!

  • 1 decade ago

    Champions = B

    Country = A

    Extra = B

    Famous = B

    Spiral Frog = Golden Road

    Villains = B

    Yahoo Hot Jobs = Larry Buhl

    Yfly = Smack Talk

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sunday June 29th Trivia Answers:

    Champs = B

    Country = A

    Extra = B

    ExCanadiana = B

    Famous = B

    News = A

    Quirky = A

    Sports = A

    Villains = B

    Classic = A

    Spiral = You Look Good in my Shirt


  • ADL
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    1 decade ago

    Wow couldn't find ya last night!

    Spiral is You Look Good in my Shirt

    Champs is B

    Country is A

    Extrar is B

    Extrar Can is B

    Famous 1st is B

    News is A

    Quirky is A

    Sports is A

    Villains are B


  • 1 decade ago

    champions - b

    country - a

    extraordinary - b

    famous firsts - b

    villians - b

    spiral frog - You Look Good In My Shirt

    hot jobs - Larry Buhl

    yfly - Smack Talk

  • 1 decade ago

    its 3 am cant you sleep..........................................

    champs b

    country a

    extra b

    first b

    villians b

    spiral fog You Look Good In My Shirt

    h00t j0bs Larry Buhl

    yfly Smack Talk

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Champions-------------B) Boston Red Sox

    Country------------------A) Washington State

    Extraordinary----------B) Pepsi

    Famous Firsts---------B) Sir Edmund Hillary

    Villains-------------------B) Vernitia Green

    Spiral Frog--------------You Look Good In My Shirt

    Hot Jobs-----------------Larry Buhl

    Works for radio trivia!!!!


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