Can I remove swirl marks caused by a buffer on my vehicle's paint?

The idiot before me used a buffer on the paint, and apparently didn't know how to use it properly, because the entire paint job is swirled. Is it possible to get something like this buffed out, or will I need a new topcoat?


If yes, how can I remove them??

Update 2:

My suv is royal blue, BTW.

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    Yes, there are several ways to go about this. I will list them from the cheapest to the most expensive and at the same time the results are low to best.

    1. get some swirl remover from your local auto parts store along with a wax pad. get the pad wet with warm water and do some elbow grease on the car "waxing it". let it dry/haze and them remove with a microfiber towel.

    this will hide them for a bit but will need to be repeated often specially if the car is a dark color.

    2. head for Sear's or such and invest in a orbital buffer. this is like a random orbital sander that you buy terry cloth bonnets for. you apply the same swirl remover and instead of by hand, the machine does the work for you by you moving the machine around.

    you cannot harm the car doing this, even if you push till the machine stops. you can cause damage by bumping mirrors and such though. and the terry cloth bonnets do tend to leave small scratches at time over time so they need replaced often.

    3. this is what I use professionally and recommend this set up to ANYONE who waxes their own car or prefers to do it and just hates to do it by hand yet wants the professional results.

    Head to Lowe's or Home Depot's tool department and look for this sander:

    This sander is like the orbital polisher. You can have it full speed and push on it till it stops and it will not harm the paint. This is NOT a high speed buffer that the professionals use but 1 step down.

    Buy it for about $110 and then head to your local auto body supply store (not an Auto Zone or such). Ask them for a 3M blue or black foam waffle pad, thick, single pack. Do not get the thin dual pack. While at this store, pick up some swirl remover and some good wax as well as some microtowels. Also while here you will need to get a "velcro backing plate" for the sander, just ask for the 6" one. As well as a black nylon detail/edging brush (should look like a black toothbrush).

    Now once home, remove the normal black pad from the sander with the tool included. Screw on the velcro pad, stick on the nice thick foam waffle pad. Now get a fresh bottle and mix your swirl and your wax at a 60:40 mix, more swirl than wax.

    Starting on say the hood (ensure car is cool, dry, clean and in shade) and put a bead of polish about 3 foot long on the hood and place the machine at the end, turn it on around 4-5 setting and now "hand wax the car". That one bead of polish will do about 1/2 of the hood. Do not spread it so thin that you cannot see it nor see it haze. You want to see some product.

    Let this dry for at least 4 hours or more to allow the chemicals to bond and do their thing. Then come back and hand polish the car down using the micro towels. You can also get micro towel bonnets and place one over the foam pad and use this to un-hand wax the car as well to save time and energy.

    Now that the car is polished and unpolished, use that black toothbrush you bought and a micro towel and now go around the edges of all the panels, around the door handles, emblems, etc and remove all the excess wax. Just lightly act like your are brushing teeth to remove it.

    Now on top of that, to keep this job nice there are a few tricks.

    A. get a spray bottle and fill it with 1" of your swirl/wax mixture and fill the rest with orange Rain-X washer fluid. shake and then spritz/spray over car at any time in the future to give it a "quick shine and clean" for that friday night. Ensure car is washed of course. This quick spritz is how dealers make their showroom cars look so good.

    ps: during the spritz, use a microfiber towel to wipe on and another to wipe off. you can also use straight orange rain x washer fluid on the car to give it a dusting so to speak. the rain x allows it to flow without scratching

    also you cannot over wax your car just so you know. you can wax it daily for a year and all you will do is protect it that much more, as each layer adds up. and I would recommend waxing the front 1/2 of the car many times as this is the area that takes most damage.

    give me a car with 1 coat of wax and I will show you a rock chip at 55mph.

    give me a car that has 15 coats of wax on the hood and that rock chip will never happen.

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    Paint Buffer

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    How To Remove Swirl Marks

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    Can I remove swirl marks caused by a buffer on my vehicle's paint?

    The idiot before me used a buffer on the paint, and apparently didn't know how to use it properly, because the entire paint job is swirled. Is it possible to get something like this buffed out, or will I need a new topcoat?

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    The best way i know is through a clay treatment. You can buy kits that come with a clay block, micro fiber towels and a polish lubricant. You spray the polish on your car when its cool...doing a small area at a time...and then rub the clay block (its the consistency of silly putty) over the surface of the area you sprayed being careful to cover all of the surface area you sprayed and not allowing he area to go dry. Then just wipe off the area and 90% of the swirls are gone. Its cheap, its easy, and you cant do any harm. Works great on a black infinity i just bought that had significant swirling. Good luck!

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    You can rebuff with a very soft pad.If that doesn't do it,this should....spray bottle with water set on fine mist,spray bottle filled with kitten No 1 polish with top off palmolive type detergent.make sure car is cold and spray light mist of water and then dribble polish and rub in even motion.comes off easy and leaves gleam, also a good way to wash is with warm water and two tablespoons of cornflour mixed well and wash and hose at same time.

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    yes take a magic cloth a wipe it clean but the magic cloth dosent come out in intill 9 mounths sry.

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