question about raid ant & roach killer?

okay. so i wanna know the answer to this. whenever my parents kill an ant or a fly with raid, they always, ALWAYS, say "if it makes an ant or fly shrivel uplike that, imagine what it does to a human". i wanna know if raid can actually harm a person the way it harms bugs??? also, how can i get rid of ants without using raid because i have dogs and my youngest one (Mutt) likes playing with the rug and other things in my room and i heard its toxic to dogs??? so i dont wanna poison my dogs. can someone answer both questions for me?

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    I would be very careful with spraying it around food or children or Adults for that matter because it is Toxic and Poison! To your first question yes Raid can harm you,in the same way as a Bug,I doubt it however better safe than sorry is my motto! You might want to check out a Bug spray that you can find at Ace Hardware,it comes in a can with a picture of a Bengal Tiger on the can! It has little or no smell,as for the safe part I would read information on the can,as it has been quite a while since I have used it! As with any Poisonous spray or powder,extreme caution should be used with it's use around Children,Pet's,aquarium's etc,etc! Good Luck-God-Bless!

    Source(s): Friendly advice with experience! P.S.>> . The spray is called Bengal!
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    If you take the time and observe ants carrying food, you will find the trail to their nest, which is probably outside the house or basement. You will see where they are coming in. It may be under a base board. This can be plugged with caulking.

    It may lead to somewhere else. Follow them.

    If you can find TARO, it's a syrup, and place some in small caps, even bottle caps, out of reach of pets, along walls, hidden, behind cabinets or furniture.

    You may have to go to a "Feed" store to find it. Hardware, Lowes, and Home Depot may not carry it.

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    I would clean the counters thoroughly with soap and water or a household cleaner and wash the dishes in hot water with dish detergent and do them over again.

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