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Why is the Media Giving John Mccain a free pass and is looking away?

Really i don't get the media or the americans voters who are against Barack Obama, are giving John Mccain a free pass and is looking away from his past history. that is full with question moves and is just shameful and what i am talking about is his role in the Vietnam war. where many civilians was killed and i am not saying that Mccain was to blame for that but still he is no war hero and i will leave it at that. also let take a more deep look in his past

And this time it has to do with his former wife Carol Mccain who was in a accident, and when she needed him the most in her life he was not there for her was he . so i'm guessing when we Americans need John Mccain the most will he be there for us. or will he fipped and flooped on everything he said, again how do i know for sure that Mccain will not make the same moves from the past

this is if he gets elected


Again i do not like the Media looking the other way with John Mccain and are giving him a free pass, plus again he is no war hero and i am not being disrespectful. but when you being up Mccain past people's are quite about it also, Mccain supporters never talk about it like their proud, really it's like their not proud of it. and that is saying something

Update 2:

What Media how about CNN & Fox News

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    It's funny that you see it this way, because the political inclinations of the media seem to be a largely subjective matter.


    Here's Ariana Huffington complaining about the vast, evil conservative media empire that wants to see Obama fail and elect McCain:

    Now here's The Free Republic complaining about the vast, evil liberal media empire that wants to see McCain fail and elect Obama:

    The truth is that the media are not uniformly liberal OR conservative. They are not out to get one candidate or pushing to support the other. People who work in the media have widely varying beliefs. You just have to gather your news from a variety of sources to ensure a balanced perspective.

    Although I understand the appeal of the conspiracy theory-- evidently it's sort of comforting to think that the media is somehow conspiring against you.

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    McCain is touting his military service as qualification to be president. And he thinks his experience puts him above his opponents. For example, McCain said Obama's opinion of the GI bill doesn't count because he didn't serve in the military. He thinks it automatically makes him a patriotic war hero.

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    McCain, who was embroiled in one of the biggest corruption scandals of Washington (keating five) and has never seen action in Vietnam ( he was shot down twice, before he could get into it), is a special fruit of the Murdoch press.

    Murdoch, the king maker, who wants to destroy Britain and the USA, because they didn't knight him, will do everything with his vast media empire, to get another Bush like creature into the white house to finish his revenge and destruction of the English speaking world outside of Australia.

    You think I am crazy?

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    There are two kinds of Republicans -

    Rich ones.Now that makes sense.

    Then there are the ignorant ones who don't know they are being taken for a ride by the rich ones. They swallow crap about taxes so the rich ones don't have to pay too much and about Christian morals while their political choices serve only as a bad example.

    They are a sad lot.

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    All these issues have already been addressed. They are flat out liberal lies, or the a kernel of the truth twisted by the liberal left. Most of them were already addressed in 2000. They've been addressed ad nauseum in this forum. If we go digging in the past of McCain and Obama, believe me your man loses.

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    Woah woah woah

    "but still he is no war hero"

    Are you fu**ing kidding? He was a POW for more than 5 years.

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    exactly. and everyone claims the media is all too liberal...pfft. if that's the case you'd think they would be having a hay day with this guy.

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    What media?

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    It's not nice to pick on an old man.

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