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michael jackson?

how did michael jackson turn white

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    Michael Jackson has a skin disease called Vitiligo. This destroys the pigment of the skin and turns it very pale white. It was perhaps hereditary - his grandfather had it. He's been through a lot. As a child, he was abused by his father who called him ugly and beat him. The trauma of his childhood triggered it, and it became noticable when he was an old teenager. In early 1984, he was burned during a Pepsi Commercial, and this worsed vitiligo and also led him to suffer from Lupus as well. This did the entire opposite of vitiligo and gave him red rashes on his cheeks. He put on lots of makeup. During the Victory Tour his skin did not look natural, because there was so much makeup and when he was sweaty it would come off and show the white patches of skin.

    Around 1987, his patches got so extensive he gradually used paler makeup.By the Dangerous era, he used extensive makeup, and his skin was variably yellow or white. During the HIStory era, he looked the same but even paler.

    Perhaps he did bleach his skin, but it was because of vitiligo. Stage outfits have been found with skin bleach. In fact, this is what his doctor confirmed, but he probably used it because he had lupus, which made his skin more pigmented during the Thriller era. It's not possible for him to do this without vitiligo as his skin would appear very rough and nothing like what it does now. But Michael is not alone, many others have bleached their skin due to this devastating disease.

    Because of Vitiligo, Michael cannot be in the sun and carries an umbrella on sunny days. Even though he may have bleached it, the pigment cells still return occasionally and he wears the mask to conceal them. His trademark glove, as well as his long sleeve costumes for most of his live concerts are also there to conceal the vitiligo. Vitiligo can also affect your personality. He was very emotional when he talked about it and he became more reclusive and depressed. He became even more depressed due to his traumatic childhood, and the accusations of child molestation, from people who betrayed him just to get money. He's been betrayed by many people, but many still love him!

    As in the way Michael sang in Ben:

    "I don't listen to a word they say!!!"

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      Why do you like Michael Jackson as a singer?

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    OMG! Everyone always asks this same question like all the time! So instead of repeating the fact that he has vitiligo, I'm gonna just tell yall the sh*t I heard when I was a lil girl.

    1.) He poured lots of Clorox into his bath tub & bathed in it.

    2.) He painted himself with either paint or White Out.

    3.) He scrubbed himself in the shower JUST THAT HARD.

    4.) Joe Jackson beat the black off of him.

    5.) He ate nothing but white foods & drank nothing but milk for a year. (U know the saying, "you are what you eat"?)

    It doesn't matter really, there's no way to change his skin tone back anywayz. I don't care what color he is. He's still tha man.

    • You are not correct. Those comments you just made Michael Jackson said personally to Opera that he did not like those comments and told on a radio interview that he had vitiligo, a disease that turns your skin pale white and ruins the pigment.


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    Michael Jackson turned white because he bleached his skin something called viltigo

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    Michael had a skin disorder called vitiligo!

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    It's impossible to bleach your skin with surgery.

    He has the skin disease vitiligo. Type "Michael Jackson vitiligo" into Google and look at info and pictures.

    Look at this picture:

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    How can you "bleach your skin with surgery" isn't skin bleaching and surgery 2 different things? Surgery is going under the knife and getting facelifts, nose jobs etc, skin bleaching is putting bleaching creams on on your skin to lighten your skin.

    By the way its impossible to bleach yourself that white all over. MJ had Vitiligo, which he stated a million times as well as all of his doctors, friends and family confirming this.

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    He has a skin disease called Vitiligo which gives you patchy white blotches on your skin. Michael had an operation which would even out the color of the blotches with his skin color, making him completely white.

    More information on vitiligo and it's effects:

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    He is often blamed for 'bleaching his skin' when in fact he had vitiligo. A disease that can change the pigmentation of your skin.

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    Something shocking happened to didnt he bleach his skin too many times?

    It was vitiligo or however you spell, I remember watching Montell about that now. He said he decided just to even up his whole face and had it all bleached instead of being blotchy

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